Lore Craft

If you clicked on this page, WELCOME!

This is a project of mine to help me with the novel series I am writing and editing.

It is also lore crafting, with a twist. It’s interactive in that you can comment a question on any character profile or blog post, and the response will be in character.

The Characters…

Ask the Characters!

More will be added as I post them.

Maps! World Building!

There are also posts about maps and world building. As I flesh out the world, I will post more snippets of maps, add to existing ones, and include stories about each region.

Regional Lore

There will be posts about the different regions and people as well.

Our Chronicler…

(Yeah, I tried to draw. I am working on it. You can giggle if you want.)

This is Merriana Whitmore. She is a watcher and chronicler of the world. She will post history, lore, and random tidbits.

Yes, you can ask her questions about meta topics as well. Just don’t be surprised if she tells you she would be spoiling something.

If you want to know about her, click here.

The Day the US was no More

The Journal of Merriana Whitmore Date: March 1, 2070 I can remember vividly the day everything fell apart and the United States was no more. It didn’t happen overnight, but it didn’t stop people from being surprised when D.C. had its last gasp and the country as we knew it ceased to be. It all…

Tales from the world…

Story Idea…Survival

Welcome to story time. This is the part of my brain that comes up with random stories, often without a direction, that pop into my head. If I don’t write them down, I am prone to forgetting them. So, I hope you enjoy.

Writing Blog: Fragment continued

 Yup, I missed a day again, but don’t fear, the writing continues. Where did we leave Rick? Right! Sylas was taking him somewhere. Let’s see where my mind takes this little story, shall we?