The Day the US was no More

The Journal of Merriana Whitmore

Date: March 1, 2070

I can remember vividly the day everything fell apart and the United States was no more. It didn’t happen overnight, but it didn’t stop people from being surprised when D.C. had its last gasp and the country as we knew it ceased to be.

It all started in 2030 when Congress voted to abolish the Constitution, but you’re probably wondering who I am and what led to my journal entries being published on the net. Allow me to bring you up to speed.

I am Merriana Whitmore, Chronicler for the New South Province. I am also an observer for another race entirely, but that is something for another time. I am appointed to observe, write, and put into a historical record what happens in our little province of what used to be the United States as well as the rest of this new political landscape. Now that you know who I am, let’s get on to what happened.

One-by-one, politicians who were being controlled by lobbyists were replaced with corporate plants, creating a corporate oligarchy. There are now six major corporations:


Mars Tech

Shingiri Holdings

Coatl Tech

Cyberworld Inc

Alltech Industries.

Each of these corporations navigated the government to dismantling the framework and thus created the provinces we have today. However, they didn’t predict the problems they would have with the natives that were here before them and the battles that would ensue.

With no centralized government, there are no longer any reservations and no way to keep the indigenous people on them. This led to uprisings and many of the native tribes reclaiming states in their tribes’ names. They also instituted tribal law and ousted the prior system of law enforcement. To enter any of these new tribal lands, you must succumb to checkpoint searches and have your identification ready. You will also have to have your reason for visitation, unless you can prove you are a native. This means they no longer tolerate or trust anyone who is not indigenous and are highly suspect of anyone with skin not resembling their own, not that I blame them. Would you?

 During all this, something interesting started to take place which had nothing to do with politics, territories, or corporations. Magic was creeping its way back into this world. I say “this world” because this is not the first world I have been assigned to, but again, this is not about me.

Let me think. Was it ’34 or ’35? The years run together when you’re my age. Let me consult my timeline of events. Ah, it was ’36 when the Pagan community started to notice their rituals and spells were actually affecting the world beyond their magic circles. It was High Priest Jonas Myers and his wife and High Priestess Ermalynn. They were preppers and had been wishing for a bountiful harvest so they could can, dehydrate, and prep enough food in general to keep their coven from starving when their perceived end of the world came. They had been doing rituals and sending energy, as they call it, into the ether for a large crop. They had done that every year to no avail, mind you, but that didn’t stop them.

This year, ’36 as I previously stated, was different. When they opened the back door of their modest home and looked out over their 2 acres of suburban landscape, they couldn’t see any neighbors for the bumper crop in their yard.

In the Everglades, the Seminoles and other Native American Tribes began to realize their Medicine Men would take on the visage of the animal they were invoking for their prayers and warriors during pow-wows would start to look like their spirit animals. Likewise, spiritual journeys took on a whole new meaning as astral projection proved to be a reality for anyone who had “magical talent”, making having “a sixth sense” or being “a sensitive” obsolete. Now, if you could move things with your mind, see into the astral without projecting and even talk to spirits, you had magical talent.

Illusionists were another to have their world shaken to the core. Imagine being on stage and waving your hands about only to have an actual illusion appear on stage, making it look like TWO of you are there. Two types of illusionists immerged, the one who stopped going on tour and started to study how the phenomena was taking place, and the other who bumbled through it, charging extra for shows.

Some Potterheads, they still exist in this time, found out, explosively, that REALLY putting feeling into some of the spells in the books would make things fly out of another’s hand or get blown into many pieces.

In the grand scheme of things, magic returning to the land fully by 2040 was both interesting and horrifying to witness and not because of exploding spells.

You see, dormant magic meant dormant genes that were keyed to races who could only exist if magic was in the world were never activated. No magic? No elves and such. However, it returning to the land had horror-movie level consequences. Children hitting puberty and adults alike were going through a rapid metamorphosis, changing from human to elf, halfling, goblin, orc, dwarves, and even trolls with Minotaurs and other such creatures coming later.

There were many deaths and deformed people whose bodies either couldn’t take the strain or never fully changed. The latter had it infinitely worse than anyone you can think of with a disability. Think of a human who is about seven and a half feet tall with one half of his body human and the other troll. It’s not a pleasant sight. Many of these got euthanized. Those that didn’t were hidden away and never seen again.

That’s it for now. This old brain must organize her thoughts before typing them out.


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