Merriana Whitmore: Chronicler

So you want to know about me, Merriana.

Oh, hello there, I see you’re back for more history. Just take a seat over there. Would like something to dri-

What’s that? You want to know more about me? I am flattered. Let me get some tea for the both of us.

Comes back after fifteen minutes.

You see, no one has ever asked about me before. We Chroniclers aren’t that important in the grand scheme of things. We’re just historians.
Hmmm? You’ve never heard of us? That means we’re doing our duties perfectly until now that is, but that is of no consequence.

Taps on her forehead. Where should I begin?

To most in this quadrant of the universe, I am simply Merriana Whitmore, house grandmother, and baker of treats. My actual name is Li’nah Cru’li, and I am the Chronicler for the Milky Way and all the planes and dimensions linked to it specifically.

What is a Chronicler?

That is me. I am charged with remembering and logging down all the major events of a quadrant of space, time, and dimension.

What’s that? I’m an over-glorified Watcher? Merriana scoffs.

Unlike a Watcher, we can interact with the inhabitants of the quadrant. As a matter of fact, it is encouraged in order for us to maintain a degree of humanity and civility.

We are given a device that allows up to peer into different dimensions and planes of existence. Mine looks much like a doorway.

She points to an ornate door in her sitting room area. It’s Victorian in its decoration but the liquid pool within it changes scenes as if someone is changing the channel with a remote.

It switches from dimension to plane and back again showing me notable occurrences. I can stop the cycling and even the scene if I wish. Here let me show you.

She waves a hand over one of the corners and the scene freezes.

There, now I can go back to it when we are done and not miss a thing. Where was I? Oh right…

My secondary duty is dispatch. If I happen to see something that warrants more investigation, I will dispatch Rift Walkers to scout it out and report back to me. I will then write a report and send it up the line to the Celestials who will dictate what needs to be done.

What are Rift Walkers you ask? That’s a different time, another tea conversation if you will. They are unique and require their own telling. I digress.

Do I have rules?

Deary, all-powerful entities have rules, and I would be lying if I said I have not been tempted to break one or two. Allowing us to interact with the entities on a plane leads to attachment. This can get sticky regarding our main rule.

Do not personally intervene

Although we can interact with the entities in the quadrant and its other iterations, we cannot directly interfere with unfolding events in any way. We can only watch and report what we see. To interfere would mean we would cease to exist. No, I don’t mean to be executed. We would be wiped from the minds of all who knew us, and it would be as if we never lived at all. Our memories and chronicled events would be transferred to another and they would be put in our place. They would have to acclimate themselves as they see fit. I would never be missed.

Only in Your Own Defense

We can only defend ourselves. Defending others would be considered intervening. The only exception to this rule is if the attack covers an area and I am the focus. I cannot put myself in harm’s way to trigger the exception. That would be intervening.

We cannot lie or embellish

As Chroniclers, we cannot lie or make the event seem bigger than it was. We are not bards or minstrels. If we modify the facts in any way, we are taken out of our duties and re-educated.

Those are the rules we must follow.

How old am I?

I am as old as time itself, an eternal one would say. I can be killed but only by powerful magic or Celestial punishment. I see you look disappointed.
Merriana laughs.
My dear, a Chronicler never reveals their age.

What sex am I? Gender?

Oh, I know where you are going with this. We are androgynous by nature; however, we take on a form that pleases the inhabitants of the planet on which we coexist. For this purpose, I am female.

What is my true form?

Oh, I cannot show you that. I will describe it as best I can. To you, I would look like… a wraith. Yes, that’s it, a wraith. When in that form we can petrify anyone who looks at us.
No, it’s not like a Gorgon. You simply look at my face and turn. It’s a defense mechanism.

Can I see into the future?

No, I can only see what is transpiring. I am not a Fate or an Oracle. I cannot see into the future. Although I mentioned time, I can only see from the past into the present. If I could see into the future, I could not tell you what I saw. That would be intervening.

Merriana stands up and collects the tea cups and saucers.

I am sorry, but it is time for me to go back to my duties. If you have any more questions, I would be delighted to answer them at a later date.

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