Character profile: Kara Tygnow


Robin escorts the reporter to the portal in the yard. He looks at it apprehensively. Robin just points as the portal shimmers and an Elven woman steps through and looks back at the portal with frustration.

“No, I don’t need the twins, Scourge, or you to come with me. It’s an interview, and I can handle myself, thank you, KRITEN.”
”Yes, dear.” The voice was deep and like that of a scorned child.
The Elven woman smiles and her emerald eyes sparkle as she holds out her hand, “I am Kara Tygnow. You wished to speak with me?”
”Yes, ma’am,” His voice quivered.

Kara pointed to the portal, “Don’t worry about my husband. He’s overly protective, and has a mind that I am fragile.”

”He sounds huge.”
”Oh, he can get that way, dear.” She pats him on the shoulder as she makes her way to the house, “He is half giant.”
The reporter stops dead in his tracks, “I’m beginning to think my life is in danger.”
Kara chuckled, “Only if you are of a mind to hurt me, and don’t think a few questions here and there will leave marks.”
He caught up to her and pointed back to the portal, “How does that work?”

“For that, you are going to have to talk to Daedelon and Sheik, and even then, all the technical and magical jargon would probably give you a headache.”
”Right. How are you acclimating to our world?”
She stops for a moment and looks up at the sky, “It is vastly different from castle life and living simply. There are times when the cacophony of sounds in her house are a little much for me.”
”You mean the televisions and music?”
”The television, yes, and some of the music is more like a mashing together of various noises. I have to step outside.”
”There are always children running and playing. Does that bother you?”
”Oh, no, dear, if it did, I would not have six sons and one daughter.”
”I guess not. What about this world do you wish you could bring to yours?”
”Those wonderful communication devices. I think you call them ‘cell phones’.”
The reporter smiled, ‘’”I guess sending messages can get a bit rough.”
Kara nodded, “Yes, it can take weeks to months to get a response to a simple question. Having that technology would make it so much faster.”
”You may have the problem of phones at the table.”
She gave the reporter a stern look,  “We don’t allow anything extra at the table in the castle except for warm bodies and food. Phones would not be allowed.”
”I see. Is there anything else you would not mind having on your side of the portal?”
”I believe I wouldn’t mind a car, but it would have to be a sturdy one. Riding a horse for weeks can be hard on the behind.”
The reporter chuckled, “I can just imagine.” He cleared his throat, “What’s it like living in the castle?”
”Oh, it’s a simple life, but it has its moments.”
”With seven children, I can imagine.”
”Heh, the children? “It’s Kriten you have to worry about most of the time.” Kara laughed, “He can be a handful all to himself.”


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