Character Profile: Nigel Masters


After having to ask for directions, the reporter finds his way to the security office. The door looks much like any bedroom door, and he can hear voices inside. He knocks.
”Come in, “ the voice that responds is Cockney and sounds a bit cheerful.

The reporter opens the door to see two desks four feet apart. The desks are simple, the kind you would purchase at an office supply chain, and the man behind the left one has brown hair with bits of gray. He is talking to a young man that is in his teens.

“We will have no bullying in this house, young man. The younger children in this house have been through quite enough without you compounding their problems.”

The teen fidgets with his fingers, “Yes, Mister Nigel, Sir.”
”Very well then. Report to Jonas. I believe he needs help in the kitchen.”

The boy gets up and walks out of the office. Nigel smiles as he stands and points out the empty seat. The reporter points back to the teen who just left as he sits, “Kitchen duty?”

“A spot of hard work tends to make them think twice about giving a hard time to others.” Nigel walks over to an electric kettle, “Would you like some tea?”
”Yes, thank you, “ The reporter dips his tea bag in the cup, “How did you come to be here?”

Nigel strokes his chin and looks toward the door, “Well, then, that is a good question isn’t it? Let’s see. My home in England was changing. After magic started making its appearance once again, druids came to the fore and started plotting to return the major cities to their natural state.”
The reporter was shocked, “You mean they were going to tear down the cities and make groves?”
”Yes, and they are still trying, though their numbers are few and they have to operate under the cover of darkness. The authorities were taking anyone practicing druidry and questioning them rather gruffly. I was working under her Majesty’s service and witnessed some of the interrogations.”
”They must have known not all Druids thought that way.”
Nigel stood and walked to a file cabinet, “Yes, but they felt the only way to tell the two types apart was to round every one up and question them, vigorously. They ignored my objections, and so, I put in my resignation, and now I am retired with her service. I came to this country only to find it had been split into sectors and the United States was no more.”
”Surely they had that on the BBC.”
”Yes, but the full brunt of the aftermath doesn’t truly hit you until you come here, dear sir.”
”I can see that.” The reporter sipped his tea, “So, what other duties do you perform other than disciplining bullies?”
“I organize patrols of the grounds. There are still murderers, thieves, and other non-savory people that will try to break in and do harm to the people within these walls. I also patrol.”
”Is there an aspect to your job that makes you smile?”
He turned to the reporter, “Yes, there are children who try to get snacks between meals that are not scheduled. They have colorfully named themselves ‘The Underfoot Clan’. It is my duty to make sure they don’t steal the treats.”
”Sounds like fun.”
Nigel squinted one eye and tilted his head, “ I have learned not to underestimate the ingenuity of small children. They are quite clever. It keeps me on my toes.”
”What do you do when you catch them?”
”They get sent to their room for a couple of hours.”
”What’s it like working for Robin?”
”Ah, it’s more like working with and not so much working for her. She doesn’t pull rank or walk around the house as if she is a queen. She lives like us and among us.”
”If there is anything you could wish for to make this house better, what would it be?”
Nigel looked hurt, “Kind sir, this house may have its problems, but every home does. When you put several people of varying personalities under one roof, there will be a bit of strife, but I would not change a thing. Everything that happens here is what makes it a home and not simply a place for one down on their luck to stay.”
The reporter stood and extended his hand, “Thank you for your time, Nigel.”
Nigel shook his hand, “Think nothing of it. Who will you talk to next?”
”Mister and Misses Randall.”
”They are a delightful couple. You will like them.”

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