Old Time Media

We at House of Geek love classic media in all its forms. However, we also like to heckle them when appropriate. So, we have decided to bring back something from MWM Media, The Old Time Radio Show with a twist. We will also be adding old movies, and if we can find them, old TV shows that fall under Public Domain.

What is Public Domain?

This is media that has fallen out of the copyright space. No new media was made under the Intellectual Property; therefore, it is free for use by all who come across the media. It can range from artwork to radio shows, television shows, movies, and much more.
Anything produced and released prior to Jan. 1, 1978, is under the Public Domain, and that will be what is used on the show.

What you will find on this program…

We will cover all genres and mediums of audio/visual media that is under the Public Domain.

Where can I find it?

Click on the banner above to subscribe to the channel where we will be broadcasting the show.

When is the broadcast?

Sunday 11:30 AM CST-1:30PM CST

Can we call join in?

Moderators of my discord and good friends are invited onto the panel of hecklers. You can hop into the live chat to hackle the shows. I will be keeping an eye on the chat to read the comments as the show runs.

Can I make a request?

Yes! You can make a request by emailing me at Anissa.Mathias@outlook.com, or you can also make a request by DMing me on social media and even on the stream!
If you wish to prioritize your request, you can contribute to what we do by clicking below:

Monthly supporters have priority as well.

Programming Schedule

Season 1 will run from Feb. 19, 2023, to July 30, 2023. Any missed episodes will be rescheduled to run out-of-season.

EpisodedateEpisode list
3. Link to showMarch 12, 2023Dragnet The Nickel Plated Gun
Sam Spade The Death of Dr. Denoff
Dimension X Outer Limit
The Shadow The Three Ghosts
4. Link to showMarch 19, 2023Candy Matson The Donna Dunham Case
The Green Hornet The Devil’s Playground
The Whistler Retribution
The Shadow The Circle of Death
5. Link to showMarch 26, 2023Lux Radio Theatre The Awful Truth
Inner Sanctum Amazing Death of Mrs. Putnam
The Shadow The Death Triangle

We take requests!

Fill out the form below, and we will put your show request on a list. When we put it on the program schedule your name will be included as to who requested it. We respect anonymity and will use your online name.

Include the show, episode if you have a favorite, and date you wish to see it aired. Your email is not required, but if you wish to receive confirmation of receipt, we will need it.


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