Denver Character Dump

…or what I do when I can’t come up with a character background post.

There are times when I have a bunch of character ideas but there isn’t enough information running around in my brain to full flesh them out to make a stand-alone character profile for the blog.

This is what I fondly call a character dump. It’s like quick sketches for an artist but written. They are characters that will eventually been in my novel series, but not in the early volumes.

So without further ado, here is the dump for the Denver region. As always, if you have any questions for the characters, post them in the comments, and they will answer. 🙂


  This is a list and short background of all the characters in Denver for purposes of gaming and writing stories. 

-Ravenwing (Human/Apache)

-Vehicle and drone rigger

Apache born, Alicia Runningdear took to tinkering with machines at an early age.  She was helping others on the reservation with mechanical issues by the age of 10; began to tinker with circuits and remote control wiring by 12.  Others on the reservation saw her natural talent started to bring her things to make, fix, or improve.  By 16, she enrolled in a technical college to refine her skills, and give her a working knowledge of programming and robotics.  She joined the militia for the Amer-Indians at twenty, and learned how to shoot a firearm, and knowledge of tactical situations.  After 8 years in the militia, she went to the private sector where she found a niche in smuggling goods across borders.

During her delivery runs, she discovered that Cheyenne Mountain was unoccupied, and started moving her base of operations there around 2050.  Today, it is HQ for her team, and her personal playground.

-4×4 (Dwarf)

-Vehicle and drone Rigger


-4×4 is part of Raven’s smuggling team.  He is the one who deploys the drones during a run.  He also provides back-up and is always ready for some action plex-side.  4×4 slowly saw the corps drain his parents for every idea they ever had to make technology better and faster.  His mom, a hacker, has not been seen outside the arc for thirty years.  Rumor has it, she is permanently hardwired into Cross-Applied Tech’s trix system.  His dad does R&D for CAT.  They are both rumored to still be in the arc.  4×4 made his way out of the corp arc at the age of 25, and is trying to find a way back in to get his folks out.

-gadget (Sylvan)

-Robotics and drone rigger

-Though he does not run with a crew yet, he has supplied many a team with drones, targeting systems and the like.  Gadget prefers being behind the scenes.  You can find him in a lab in Raven’s enormous abode.  During a run, he coordinates multiple teams from the com room. 

-Silverfox (Seminole)


-Street sam

-Raven’s right hand girl.  She is wicked quiet, deadly with a bow, and no-nonsense during a run.  She mans the coms and side guns on the LAV during a smuggling run, and is Raven’s back-up, and best friend.  Though they are from different tribes, they have no problems getting along.  She owns a body shop in the Sioux Sector in Denver.  Why does she run?  She loves the adrenaline rush, plain and simple.

-Ragingbear (Apache)

-Shapeshifter (Bear)

-Street Sam

Johnathon Whitecloud, a name given to him when he first took on human form and was welcomed into the Apache nation, was but a cub, according to human standards, and the elders took him in, teaching him the ways of the Apache warriors.  When he came of age, he earned his feather easily.  When the time came to make a choice, Whitecloud decided to go to the city, and make a name for himself, and that he did.  Known as short-tempered on the street, there is no runner that knows him, that wouldn’t want him to run with them.  He fiercely loyal, steadfast, and the perfect one to bring up the rear when things get sticky.  He earned the name “Ragingbear” when a run went south, and he was wounded.  He took out all the guards after going berserk and reverting to bear form.  He is close friends with Jazzman.


-Michael Brently


-Jazzman was sequestered in the Denver Data Haven from the age of 2 until he made an exit for himself at the age of 21.  Being a technomancer, he has no need of a deck to hack the trix, just a data jack.  His consciousness is transferred into the system, and he is able to call forth complex forms and sprites to defend him and help him obtain information in the trix.  After leaving the Data Haven, he was found by Ragingbear who let him become a roommate.  They became close friends, and no one hurts Jazzman without getting through Ragingbear first.  Jazz has recently started delving into making decks and hardware for hackers, and himself.  

-Snowcat (Ute)

-Cat Shaman

-Snowcat is known as a sage among runners.  Owning a shop in the Ute Sector of Denver, all know where to find her when they need advice, a fetish or other favors done, for a fee.  She has been known on occasion to due favors out of the kindness of her heart, but she must know you first.  Having built a rapport in the spirit world, she has a great cat spirit that watches over her and helps her run her shop.  

-Wide Load(Troll)

-Phys Ad/Merc

Wide Load is known as the only troll that can sneak up on an elf, and it’s all because of his stealth through being a physical adept.  He is large, loyal, and refuses to leave anyone behind if something goes wrong on a run.  Raven employs him for extra muscle and advice for tactics.  He mans the turret on the LAV during smuggling runs.  Whether hand-to-hand, or armed, he is a force to be reckoned with during an operation.

-Zaps (Human)

-Combat Mage

-Known as a goofball to his friends running mates, he buckles down and gets serious when called to be.  He balances both astral combat and spell casting.  He is deadly with a Mana bolt, and can heal as good as he can hurt.  He does the astral aspect of the smuggling run, and is the magic back-up.  A graduate from Thaumaturgy school, Zaps was a member of a mages guild until the incident with Jazzman’s abduction.  He has since been ousted from the guild and has lost his meta-magic abilities.

-Alicia Brighteyes (Cherokee) 

-aka Boneweaver

-Bear Shaman/Street Doc

-Alicia was chosen by the Great Bear Spirit at the age of 17, when she was still in school and on her way to being a doctor.  She received her medical license at 29, and began practicing medicine at the Sioux City Regional Medical Center.  She lost her license at 32 when she operated on a boy of six that was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor against the orders of the Medical Administration Board.  Angel(to be described later) opened a free clinic under another physician’s name and appointed Alicia administrative assistant.  She still practices medicine, but without a license.

-Nicholas Edward Lowenthal (Human)

-aka Angel

-The Face

-”Let me make a phone call.”  This phrase has become his trademark phrase.  Nicholas, the son of a prominent politician and businessman, is a trust-fund baby with a twist.  He and some of his friends have noticed the corruption present in the corporations and the political scene; so, they work behind the scenes ensuring that things get done, and doors get opened.  Though you will never find him mixing it up on a run, you can always find him talking to someone or at a high-society function, making more contacts.   In the Denver area, there isn’t anyone he doesn’t know or can’t get to know.



-Surly, short of patience, and highly jaded, Jax is a former Marine that started doing merc runs out of the military.  Though he would like nothing more than to be able to go on missions, his wound, magic resistance, and cyber rejection, do not allow to do so.  He gets around using a cane, and can often be found at “The 50 Yard Line” Sports Bar and grill.  He knows a bevy of people and get any ordinance you will need for a run, for a fee of course.

-Caleb Dorsey

-aka Mixer

-Bar owner/Forger

-Caleb owns The 50 Yard Line Sports Bar and Grill located in the Sioux Sector downtown.  It features 80“ trid screens, satellite programming, virtual sports suites, and for the shadow set, a basement that serves as a secure location for conducting business.  Most know him by Caleb, but to the select few that know his other talents, he is Mixer.


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