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You can find me on YouTube. These are some of the most recent videos I have uploaded.
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Playing RPGs and other things…

Due to much-needed upgrades, I can no longer play 7 Days to Die. This has led me to find smaller games I have fun playing, and Torchlight is one of my favorites.

I will also be adding other games like Don’t Starve Together, the rest of the Torchlight series, Grounded, and more!

This is a new channel where I let it rip. I can be cynical, snarly, and sarcastic. I don’t talk about news or politics on the channel. I rant things of passions of mine. I hope you enjoy the channel.
Click the picture above to visit the channel.

Maddy Reviews

Maddy Reviews

You guys already know I do reviews on this channel, but I am also running a new channel for reviews, too. Click the picture above and support me there as well!

I am currently working on a review for the first season of Welcome to Demon Scholl Iruma Kun. I will be following up with other series, and I take requests as well.