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You can find me on YouTube. These are some of the most recent videos I have uploaded.
***WARNING*** This page contains links to videos. It will trigger screen readers.

Current playlists:

Every Wednesday
Every Thursday

Upload Schedule

Now that Torchlight II is done, I am playing its sequel.

It will be uploaded every Wednesday until it is completed.

I have brought back 7 Days to Die with an overhaul mod.
This is not permadeath, but I will be playing until all the crafting stations are assembled and upgraded.

If A21 stable releases while I am playing this, I will complete this and then go to A21.
New episodes will be uploaded every Thursday.


This is a top-down horror survival game that had my interest since I found it on Steam. When I got it through my Humble Bundle, I had to have it.

This will be uploaded every 1st and third Fridays of each month until the game is completed.

I am adding another RPG to the channel. This one as well as Darkwood were first looks for the channel, and now both share an upload day.

This one will be uploaded every second and fourth Friday of the month until the game is completed.

Playing RPGs and other things…

This is a new channel where I let it rip. I can be cynical, snarly, and sarcastic. I don’t talk about news or politics on the channel. I rant things of passions of mine. I hope you enjoy the channel.
Click the picture above to visit the channel.

There is no upload schedule for this one. The videos will be uploaded whenever I have something I feel I should say.

Maddy Reviews

Maddy Reviews

You guys already know I do reviews on this channel, but I am also running a new channel for reviews, too. Click the picture above and support me there as well!

I am currently working on a review for the first season of Welcome to Demon School Iruma Kun. I will be following up with other series, and I take requests as well.

I am doing shorts for minute reviews while I work on the long-form videos.

Movie reviews
Welcome to Demon School Reviews
Demon Slayer Reviews
Book Reviews