The Scholars and The Scallywags

Mythos and Krylos

It is time to cover the Northwesternmost part of Galena. Scholars, traders, and more can be found here. These towns are also the last stops before you enter the Desert of Woes.


Once an island used only for hunting and stashing goods, the isle of Krylos became the home to the realm’s scholars who wish to study and experiment in peace. They operate within the laws of the magic council and the realm.

Krylos is home to artificers, alchemists, mundane scholars who have dedicated their lives to magic, science, and the prevention of another Sundering. For the most part, they are self-sufficient apart from a lack of militia.

What they cannot grow or make, they import from Mythos. The militia seen on the isle is from the town across the way. The only other defense they have is a magical barrier that protects them from any mystical attack.


The major port town in this region is home to merchants, inns, taverns, and traders. It is also not uncommon for pirates to be seen in the town for shore leave and restocking. As long as you do not cause trouble in the town, Mythos will not bar you from conducting business.

The militia is comprised of men, women, and magic users. If any altercation breaks out they cannot handle, the outpost will supply paladins and soldiers from the City of Light.


Is the merchant town which serves as a waypoint for traders coming from the south. They are self-sufficient and have their own militia. When traveling south, they are the last stop before you enter the Desert of Woes.


This is the fishing village for the northwest region. They have no militia. The outpost outside of town rotates a small number of troops for security. They are housed in a large manor house by the Mayor of the town.

The Caravan

This is a magic users caravan that travels from Mythos, across the northern territories, Darkstorm kingdom, and through the Desert of Woes. They offer shelter to those caught out in the desert. They also offer magical services and small wares for trade or sale.

Northwest Region

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