Story Idea…Survival

Welcome to story time.


This is the part of my brain that comes up with random stories, often without a direction, that pop into my head. If I don’t write them down, I am prone to forgetting them. So, I hope you enjoy.

As he opened his eyes, the splitting headache reminded him of his mortality. He squinted, but the double vision was still there. A sharp pain ran up his spine as he shifted his wait, making him lay back down with the view of the sky. The cold pierced his coat. He couldn’t stay there. The problem was he didn’t remember how he got to the bottom of the ravine or how his coat was torn. He pulled himself to the first rock he found and attempted to sit up. He let out a loud groan as he shifted into the position he knew he could not maintain. The pain was like talons digging into his back.
This was not a good idea.
He slid back down to a lying position and looked himself over as much as he could. His headache threatened to render him unconscious as he strained to focus.
“You look like shit.”
He looked up. A man in heavy furs and covered face was walking toward him looking up, “You wasn’t one of them fellas from the cliff were ya?”
“I don’t remember.”
The furred man tilted his head to one side, “I would guess you were, if you don’t recollect anything. Let’s take a look at ya.”
The man grew in stature as he got closer, “You got a name, fella?”
“They call me Sylas. I live in these parts.”
Rick looked up at Sylas, “How?”
“Heh, I manage.” Sylas took a pack off his back and started looking Rick over, “That’s a nasty bump. I reckon you’re seeing two of me, and by the looks of you wincin’ when you pulled yourself up, I’d say you broke some bones.”
Sylas started taking things out of his pack and putting together something. When he was done, he looked at Rick, “Well, can’t have you dyin’ here. Let’s get you in the litter so I can get ya home.”
Rick winced looking at the frame, “This is gonna hurt.”
“Not any worse than you fallin’ from that ledge. Wait.” Sylas pulled a small bottle of something out of his pack, “Here drink this. It’ll help numb ya to the pain.”
Rick closed one eye and Sylas laughed, “Listen, kid, if I was gonna kill ya, would I go through all this trouble to get ya out of here?”
Rick took a sip and a warm feeling started to spread through his body. He felt no pain.
“Now, up we go.” Sylas picked Rick up and secured him to the litter. He strapped the litter to his back, scooped up his pack, and started west out of the ravine. The last thing Rick remembered was the clouds in the sky.


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