Cliques: Not Just for High School

Let’s talk about something I have been seeing for a while online. I have been on social media, blogging, and on YouTube for a while, and there are patterns forming on the platforms I use that remind me of high school. Come with me down a rabbit hole.

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You get on the internet. You pick your socials. You go on your merry way making connections, gaining a following, and getting a little bit of clout.

Then You Start to Notice

There are certain groups that will stick together and lash out at anyone who comes close. You notice people talking to one another day-in and day-out. You notice they are the same people all the time. They see the fault in others, but not in themselves.

I noticed this when I started networking on YouTube. There were people who would group together and comment on one another’s videos, live stream with one another on a regular basis and all respond or react to the same things, causing a lot of videos to be uploaded about the same person or topic.

They called out the same people, pointing out disliked behavior or points-of-view. It starts out innocuous at first. Then, as the topics become old hat, they started to turn on one another, like mice who have not been fed in a while. (Yes, mice will cannibalize one another. I have seen this happen.) The problem with this cannibalization is that there is no one to call them out and shine a light on what they are doing.

If there is someone that has the courage, they are either dog-piled with die-hard fans of the people involved, or the person’s voice is too small to be heeded. Eventually, the group falls apart, and no one claims they were part of the group from its inception.

Then, after a while, new groups form, topics are tackled and the cycle continues.

Does this sound familiar?

No Accountability

Because of this mentality, no one in the respective circles hold their “friends” accountable, the ultimate hypocrisy.

Accountability should be for everyone, not just those who are NOT in the exclusive circles.

Are they afraid of what they will see when the mirror is held to their faces?

Until next time,
Anissa “Maddy” Walker


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