Me? In Movies? What?

So, as many of you know, I set goals for myself this year, and one of those was to have three clients for whom I will write. Well, I have two, possibly three. The first one is a long-time client that I had to put on hold when I was homeless.

The second one I bid for hoping something would come out of it, and now I am nervous, over-the-moon, and pinching myself.


Because client number two, the one for whom I submitted a bid, was looking for someone to write books and screenplays for television shows and movies. THIS one is NOT a ghost writing gig. I get writing credits for this one.
She replied, asking for my resume and looking for writing samples and genres I like to write. I obliged her.
She asked for my resume. I dusted it off, updated it, and submitted it. She accepted it.
She wants to talk to me about deadlines and budget for her current project.

This means I have a job writing for television and movies! HOLY SHIT! I never thought going back into the ghost writing and freelance business would net me something like this! WOW

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Anissa “Maddy” Walker


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