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How I am fighting cancer by trying to become a superhero…

…or how I choose to combat a shitty situation with as much humor as possible.

I did start out being scared of how this would go. The words “Chemo” and “Radiation” are scary, to say the least, but then I thought about it, and decided to combat it by making comical entries in a cancer diary on Twitter.

I have now thought about it and decided to share the first twelve entries with you, plus a few extra posts pertaining to my journey. I hope you find laughter and lifted spirits within.

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It’s been wild…

Well, I didn’t realize it’s been a month. I really have to stop that.

The last month has been a failed exercise in trying to get a routine that included writing clients and my content, as you can see. When you mix my mother up in there, you can imagine the time I didn’t have for blogging or other things.
I got videos out at least. That’s something, right?

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Looking Back: February

…or how the end of the month provided something that was needed.

It’s not easy to look back upon yourself to see what you could have done better, but doing so helps me to see where to improve.

None of us are perfect. To think you are is, quite frankly, arrogant. We all have cracks in our facade, things on which we need to improve.

From monthly monetary gain to focusing on things and more, this is a post with content updates and goals, whether they have been reached or not.

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Looking Back: January

…or how I am not angry at not meeting goals this month.

I had it all planned out. Shilling my novel, posting about lore, gaming posts, and reviews, and regularly uploading to my Youtube channel.

I was even going to get into the swing of scheduling marketing posts for my writing and proofreading services.

Then, life happened. My father went to the hospital, and everything was put on the back burner. I am not blaming my dad. Don’t get it twisted.

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