The gamers…

But Maddy, you already have a gaming page. This one is for my fave creators that play more than just survival games. Once, again, if you like what you see, don’t forget to subscribe to their channels and get notifications.

He keeps it clean. He keeps it fun, and he keeps you coming back for more.
Granddaddy gamer plays everything from survival to Role-playing and horror games, but he keeps it family-friendly.
His Exit Strategy channel caters to the more mature crowd, sorry kiddos.
He features gaming guides, and fun and interactive streams. Did I mention he has a website?
Yup, he’s got one of those, too.

Do you ever wonder if there is another eclectic and scattered gamer out there like yours truly? There is, and her name is Laney. From survival to MMOs, and so much more, you can find her running around aimlessly and chasing shinies, just like me.

And her personality? Infectious. Give her a try!

Her name: Liz
Her passion: Gaming
Her Content: Engaging.
Watch her many explorations into games that range from RPGs to survival and beyond. You won’t want to miss a minute.

From his expressions to his stream deck soundboard and more, this gamer hails from Chile, and plays anything from Survival games. to RPs, platformers, and even retro games!

You won’t want to miss his dad jokes, puns, and overall wit!