I can wait.

There has been many conversations about the state of media. I am eluding to television shows and movies mainly. Okay, I am talking about movie franchises.

I can wait. What do I mean about this? Have you seen the movies slated to premiere over the next couple of years. Looking backwards at the movies over the past years that are supposed to breath new life in franchises of old and then looking at whats ahead, I am afraid, very afraid.

The quality of the writing and directing of these franchises ranges from boring to horrendous. The writing makes me cringe, physically. Being a fan of many of these franchises aside, I can wait longer for new content if the wait means the writing will draw me in and make me glue my butt to my seat.

However, it is becoming more and more apparent that Hollywood, Disney and other studios has lost what it means to write a good story. They crank out movies on par with how auto makers crank out cars. It’s mass-produced and it shows in a lot of cases. It is also riddled with messages that shock you out of any world in which they were trying to immerse you.

When I watch Sci-fi, I don’t want real-life agendas stuffed down my throat, but I mentioned that in an earlier post. So, will do this instead.

If it means I get a movie with characters who have depth and meaningful character development, I can wait an extra year or two. If it means I get a story with little to no plot holes where it’s easy for me to suspend belief, I can wait. I can wait.

As a matter of fact, PLEASE, make me wait. I just want a good story on the big screen.

Until next time,

Anissa “Maddy” Walker


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