The Survivors…

(This page contains links that will trigger screen readers.)

On this page, you will find some of my favorite content creators whose content is mainly survivor games. You can find everything from dinos to zombies, and a whole lot more. If you like them as well, don’t forget to subscribe to them, and get notifications…

This UK creator is very personable on his streams and is a joy to watch. He can be found playing 7 Days to Die, both vanilla and modded.

He’s manic, easily distracted, and has a tendency to wait until the last minute to prep for the horde, but his way of playstyle keeps me watching. He keeps it clean. So the whole family can watch.

He uploads on Mondays and Saturdays. He streams on Thursdays. Hit the notification bell to catch the uploads.

He took the leap and made content creation his full-time gig. He still hollers “Help me, R.J.!, but now he’s branched out to playing Conan Exiles, Empyrion, and more!

He also makes guides for the games, tests base builds, and a ton more! You won’t want to miss this entertaining guy and his wife!

What does R.J. do when NOT saving her other half? She vlogs, draws, games, and reviews. Don’t forget to show her channel some love.

They are also giving back by supporting charities.

Known as the “Bob Ross” of the 7 Days creative community, Capp is funny and just likes to have fun playing the game.
He also provides informative videos to help you become a better player, and will, from time to time, test POIs for their horde base potential.
This becomes infectious, and you will find yourself binging his videos if you are behind.
His channel is family-friendly. So, you can let your kids watch with you. He’s a Texan with a great attitude and a sense of humor to match!

He’s tried his hand at 7 Days to Die (Vanilla and modded), Green Hell, Entropy Centre, Planet Crafter, Ark: Survival Evolved, and more!

We’re going down under for this one. He is manic, hilarious, and “Doesn’t shout”. Jawoodle is a wild ride from the first minute to the end of his videos.

He finds ways of making the game more challenging while having fun at the same time. He also likes to experiment with builds in his “Jawoodle Park” creative mode videos.

Beware, he is not very family-friendly, but he is fun to watch.
He has been seen playing Raft, Ark: Survival Evolved, Vaheim, and the nuttiest modded versions of 7 Days to Die you can imagine!

He uploads every day.

If you like double entendres, shiny chasing, and head bashing, this Canadian couple is right up your alley! They have single-player content as well, but when they get together for a series it’s twice the fun and entertainment!

NAGG is short for “Not a Gamer Gaming” and refers to Daphy, who is the nongamer of the couple. She is currently working a job out of the home and uploads when she can. She plays mainly 7 Days on this channel, but her lone channel has survival and horror games.

Genosis’ channel features 7 Days to Die playthroughs and guides as well!

Daphy has recently branched out on her own with a channel where she plays horror games. So, find some time to pop over there and check it out.

If you like watching someone that completely enjoys the game he is playing, Skippy is your guy! The Canadian has an infectious positivity that will have you binging his videos until the wee hours of the morning.

He also features videos on patches and other games on his channel as well.

He is family-friendly and loves to craft. His bases are a marvel to behold.

He’s added Minecraft to his list recently.

Here is another that has taken the plunge into full-time content creation. His rocketing subscriber count may be a mystery to him, but those of us who love his videos know how he has gotten this far.

With his dedication to cinematic edits, quick wit, and endless talent for keeping us on the edge of our seats, it’s easy to see how you can come for the gameplay and stay for the creator!

“How can you forget NEEBS?”
This was asked the first time I released this list, and when your brain is fried on chemo, it’s easy to let some creators slip through your cerebrum.
This rag-tag group of goofy guys now has a spot on this page. They play all kinds of survival games, modded and vanilla with a cinematic flair and humor that will have you clicking on every notification.

What happens when you get a Jersey boy playing all sorts of games as well as 7 Days to Die? You get the most entertaining, snarky commentary that will keep you coming back for more.
That’s what you get. 🙂

With a flair for the mischievous and a love for survival, Vedui makes his playthroughs very entertaining. His guides and updates on upcoming features in games is more than welcome.

He is a hardcore survival gamer whose channel brings you back time and time again.

Keep an eye on this space as the list will grow as I find more creators I love to watch!