Willow Episode 3 Review: Enough with the Blue Already!

Willow Episode 3 Review GAH, all the blue!!! Stop it!

Another day, another episode of Disney’s Willow. I am doing my best to give it a fair shot, but it’s getting more and more difficult to stay objective, but I persist.

As always, for those who have not seen it…

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We start with what we think is a flashback. It’s only Boorman recounting the origin of the cuirass. This is interrupted by Kit, who has no patience or manners and tells him to get to the point.

After this, they realize that Elora is gone. Again, it’s Willow who points this out. Kit is frustrated at this, and the only thing I am wondering is why Willow would leave her alone at all at this point. Kit finds the bush that Elora grew using magic.

Jade is the first to find Ballantine, and notice something is wrong with him. As a matter of fact, as the others show up one at a time, they all realize there is something off with him, but Kit. They try to rescue Elora but fail, which makes this episode drag on into a long goose chase.

They split up, after being told it’s not a good idea by Willow, but before they do, Kit asks if there is a way to save the commander. Graydon, who is proving to be more brains than brawn, explains what has happened to Ballantine only to be told off by Willow.

When did you become High Aldwin?


We now have two groups, after being told the dark magic that is invading the region will hinder them if they split up. One group has Jade, Willow, Graydon, and Silas. The other group has Kit and Boorman.
Jade wanted to go with Kit, but Kit refused.

All of them, by some stroke of fate, end up in the same ravaged village fighting the commander and his henchmen. Don’t ask me how that happened. They did go in opposite directions.
Wait… It was a plot device. Willow had a vision and told his group he knew where Ballantine was taking Elora.

Boorman took Kit to the ruined village to find a piece of the cuirass and told Kit more of the story of what happened to her father. He did tell her Martigan was killed, but when Kit asked if he saw it happen, Boorman said he did not. He also admits he’s been lying to Kit a good bit of the time. So, yeah. That happened. Did I mention he found the piece he was looking for and lied to Kit about finding it?

During all this, Elora escapes and finds two women in a dark forest. A dark, foreboding forest, Lord of the Rings anyone? Anyway, she tells them her whole story and they pledge their allegiance to her. Ballantine shows up, kills one of the women in a short fight, and the other when Elora runs off with her.

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When they all meet, a fight breaks out, and Graydon shows courage as he grabs Elora and takes her to Willow.
The fight is ended when Willow witnesses his friend suffer a mortal and unleashes a spell that kills the soldiers, all but Ballantine who is incapacitated. We learn that Ballantine raised Jade, and while Willow is saying goodbye to Silas, Ballantine asks Jade to end his life.
It is a solemn end to an episode.

The Admissions…

Jade told Kit she was letting the princess win during a discussion about whether or not Kit could take care of herself. This led Kit to be momentarily stunned.
Kit was not happy when Boorman admitted to lying but stayed with him anyway.
Willow admitted he was afraid of not having enough magic to make it to the final battle.
Graydon wonders if the Nelwyn are underground because Willow cannot protect them.

The Problems…

Let’s start with Willow. since when did he belittle people? When did he become irresponsible, and why is he concerned about losing his magic? We are told in the first episode that if magic is not used, it will be lost, but now you can use up all your magic and lose it? This is not consistent.

Elora… This is someone who has been kidnapped by someone who was corrupted by one of The Gails, but trusts two strangers completely after just having met them.

Kit. She has brief moments of shock and empathy. When I mean brief, I mean snap your fingers and it’s gone. Just when you think she’s going to grow just a little, nope. She’s back to being insufferable.

Boorman. I am torn with this one. Was he ever a squire? If he was, he is not acting like someone who was ever in service to a knight or king for that matter. He lies. He’s indifferent to the situation, and he’s out for himself. Yes, I know he was arrested and in prison in the first episode. My question is why?

All the damn blue filters. Don’t adjust anything. I didn’t. The show is like this.

What in the holy hell is this shit? I know it’s dark and it was raining during the fight, but COME ON. People have got to be able to SEE what is going on, and this isn’t it chief. I even closed my drapes and shut off my light and STILL had problems making out details. This was a poor choice of cinematography work. I am not asking that the scene be a clear, blue, sunny sky, but TONE DOWN THE DAMN BLUE!

Tone and pacing. Between the blue of the fight scene and the events in the tomb to the get item, it was tonal whiplash. You had the seriousness of the battle on one end and the jokes that fell flat in the tombs going back a forth like a tennis match. It was awful.

Jokes. Flat, all of them were either misplaced, ill-timed, or just fell flat except for one. Painful.

The Highlights

The deaths were well done. Cliche, but well done. I felt for both Willow and Jade.
Some of the fights weren’t bad. They weren’t great, but they weren’t total trash. My favorite one was Ballantine v Hubert.
Jade is written well. You can tell when she is conflicted and when she just doesn’t agree with Kit. She doesn’t win all her fights, but she is very perceptive. I like that.


I give this episode two out of five espresso shots. It wasn’t just a hot mess, it was a whole ass calamity.

Until next post,
Anissa “Maddy” Walker


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