Much Ado about Cody

Anissa Walker Chronicle of a teenage werewolf ...or how one date changed my life forever. Angie gets to see Cody after starting his treatments. She's shocked to find she's not the only one with gifts. Chapter 11: Much ado about nothing

Chapter 11…

Hey Diary,

It’s been a few days since I have sat with you and spilled my guts. I have gotten better with tapping into my clairvoyant thingy. They say it will help find Armin. How do I tell them I’m not so sure I want to see him again? He is still popping into my brain when I sleep trying to tell me what to do.

I have been writing down every time it happens and taking them to the den mother so she can pass them along. Lorn is chomping at the bit to take me under his wing, and the only thing stopping him is Jade, who thinks the way he trains is too harsh. She keeps trying to tell him about the stuff I went through with my folks, but he doesn’t seem to listen. 

How do you get someone like Lorn to understand something like never being good enough and being punished for not being perfect? I am sure Jade can find a way. Lorn ain’t dumb. He’s just thick. 

Oh, I almost forgot about Cody. Remember him? They are still working with him to help him out of his feral state. The doc and Jade seem positive what they are doing will work. They won’t let anyone see him while his treatments are going on, but I don’t think that’s good for him. I think he needs people, you know? For encouragement? 

I want to bring it up to Jade but don’t know how. 

It was at that moment there was a knock on Angie’s door. 

“Angie, dear, are you busy?” Jade’s tone was kind yet urgent.

“No, not really,” Angie shut her diary as Jade walked into her room.

“Something has come up with Cody’s treatment.”

Angie tilted her head to one side and looked confused, “I’m not a doctor. I am not sure why you are telling me this?”

“It’s because he says you two are friends and he wants to talk to you. He’s worried about you. It seems that the last time you two ate lunch together you were acting weird.”
“Oh, yeah, that was the day I was having issues coping with stuff.”
“He picked up on it, and even though he’s been doing well responding to his treatment, he’s been asking about you.”
“If you think I can help. I can go see him.”
“There are a few things I need to prep you for on the way to his treatment room.”

Nothing Jade told her prepared her for what she saw when she got there. Cody was smiling and not scratching at himself, but he was in a room with padding and a simple cot. His left arm was hooked up to an IV and a clear liquid was being pumped into his veins. A plexiglass wall separated him from Angie.

He walked toward the glass, “Hey, Angie, how are ya?”
“I’m doing good. I see you’re doing better?”
Cody smiled from ear to ear, “Yeah, I am not itchy anymore and my thinking is getting better. It’s like the medicine they are giving me is making my brain slow down to normal.”
He put on a serious face, “Are you sure you’re doing okay? I mean you are acting weird at lunch a few days back.”
Angie scratched the back of her head, “Yeah, I didn’t realize being here would bring up family stuff.”
“Your parents called you lazy and good-for-nothing? That’s what mine did. I don’t think they ever got my ADHD stuff.”
“No, they wanted me to be perfect all the time and would punish me when I didn’t measure up to their standards. I didn’t mean to worry you. You’re supposed to be concentrating on getting better.”
Cody, still smiling, raised his eyebrows, “I can concentrate on me and worry about my friend.”
Angie rolled her eyes while smiling, “Okay, okay, I get it. Jade has been helping me with it, and I am sorting through it.”
Cody closed his eyes and sniffed through the holes in the wall, “There’s something else isn’t it.”
Angie’s eyes flew open, “What? I-”
Cody tilted his head to one side, “I am figuring out my nose can sniff out changes in people. I haven’t figured out what yet. There’s something else, right?”
“Yeah, but I am sorting through that, and I am not ready to talk about that yet.”
Cody nodded in understanding, “Okay. When you’re ready, let someone know, okay?”
She looked at her friend, “Cody.”
“Promise. I can’t explain it, but I smell danger around you.”
“I promise. When I am ready, I will talk to someone. I’ve got homework to do. I will come back if they let me.”
“See ya around. Ang.”
“See ya, Cody.”

On the way back, Jade noticed Angie looking back toward Cody’s room, “Yes, there are wolves that can sniff changes in body chemistry and even when someone is in danger or being influenced. We call those truth sayers.”
“So, he can smell Armin on me?”
“He’s not to that level yet. He can just sniff out that you need help.”
“Got it.”

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