Dear Diary

Anissa Walker Chronicle of a Teenage Werewolf ...or how one date changed my life forever. After a harrowing night, Angie returns to her room to collect her thoughts, but the night isn't done with her yet. Chapter 9: Dear Diary

Chapter 9

Dear Diary,

It’s day number four after the date that changed my life. It’s still a mixed bag. I mean. On one hand, I am no longer with my parents who tried to control every aspect of life and beat me if I didn’t live up to their standards, but on the other hand, I had to be turned into a werewolf to gain my freedom.

Is it really free if you have this creature inside you that wants to rip, tear, and kill everything it touches? This illness, curse, whatever it’s called is scary, and I didn’t ask for this. I did ask for freedom from my folks. Is this what they mean when they tell you to be careful what you wish for?

I have been wracking my brain trying to find out who the person I dated the night before I woke up with body parts around me. 

She shuddered at the visual.
Gloria is nice. I like how she explained things to me. Lorn… well… “rough around the edges” is the understatement of the century. Krystal is cool. I think. I only met her when I first got here, but she seems like the kinda person who would fuck someone up if you try her. 

Then there’s Jade, the den mother. When I first got here, I really thought she was a hard ass who only gave a crap about the numbers she turns out from her training. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Sure, she’s hard on us during training. The first day of it showed us that. but when I had my nightmare, she was like the mom I never had. She didn’t question, yell, or tell me to leave. 

Oh! I forgot about Cody. This poor kid’s got it worse than me. Apparently, he’s feral, and that means not enough of the virus got in his system. Poor guy tweaks like someone on meth. I wish I could help him, but I think Jade and the doctor might have it handled. I think he knows there’s something wrong with me. 

Angie stopped and paced the floor. She knew should be in her bed after returning to her room from her nightmare, but something wouldn’t let her. 


Her head whipped around to find the person who called her name. 

Angie… You don’t have to stay there. Come to me.

Angie shook her head and knocked the heel of her right hand against the side of her head.

Angie… Remember…

Her head was swimming. She couldn’t think straight. She tried to fight the voice but found herself standing outside the cinema watching as she and a guy who could be more than 19 at most walked her to his car. She was smiling, laughing, and hugging his side. He was looking down at her-his eyes glowing a sickly yellow. She wanted to look away but found she was riveted to the spot, and her eyes were glued open. 

She tried to scream at her past self, hoping she could prevent what was going to happen, but no sound came out of her mouth. She desperately tried to run toward what was happening and her muscles were frozen. 

She struggled and kept trying to scream, and her world started to shake uncontrollably. 

“Angie! Angie! Snap out of it, ANGIE!” 

Her eyes flew open and she found Jade and Ajay on the floor with her and Lorn looming over them.

Jade waved Lorn off, “Honey, what happened? You were screaming for someone not to do something, and when we got here, you were on the floor kicking like you were trying to run.”
Angie sat up with the others helping, “I was writing in my diary and then got up to pace a little. I heard a voice call me and started looking for it. The next thing I knew, I was trapped back when I was dating the ass that turned me. I was trying to stop myself from getting in the car.”

All three looked at each other, and Ajay turned to Angie, “How vivid was the vision?”

“It was like I was there. I felt the night air, heard myself giggling and everything.”

“You’re a scryer.”

Angie’s brow furrowed, “A scryer?”

“You can look into your past and the past of others to see what happened. You can also hear another’s voice. You might be a telepath, too.”

Angie held up one hand, closed her eyes, and shook her head, “Say what now? He was the one talking to me.”

Jade leaned in, “If I were to give you a sketch pad and paper, could you draw what he looked like?”

“I can’t draw for squat. My people are in stick mode.”

Ajay smiled, “Stay here. I will go get someone.”

Ajay returned ten minutes later with Krystal. 

The woman walked into the room, “This room is too small for so many people. Two of you will have to leave.”

Ajay agreed, “Yes, needs space.”

Jade and Lorn stepped outside while Ajay sat on the chair at Angie’s desk, and Krystal sat on the bed next to the girl. After two hours of descriptions, erasing, nodding, and pointing, the sketch was done. Krysta’s looked defeated.

“It’s Armin. There’s no doubt about it now.” She turned the sketch pad, and there in black and white was the person who eluded them for decades. 

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