2100 Samurai Issue 1: Review

It has been a while since the last review. I might be a little rusty.

This issue and the second one were gifted to me for the purpose of review. I have been trying to get this out with my hectic schedule.

This one came to me by way of The Phoenix Press. They have another project underway, but graciously gave me two issues of this comic. I did warn them about being brutal with my reviews.

They said to bring it. Soooooooo…


We start with the crew and how to reach them.
Luckily, you can click on their Link Tree for all the contact info.

The staff was changed after this issue.

The Story

Two out of five expresso shots.

The set-up for the story isn’t bad. Two samurai cross into a futuristic world. The introductions seemed a bit forced. Instead of just referring to the heroes by their first names, we get both the first and last. This would not normally be a little jarring but, why would people they know feel the need to refer to them by both?

Much of the dialogue reminded me of a simple story, like a writer putting their first thoughts on paper. Narrative blocks would have worked wonders in many instances.

Lettering, Editing, and Grammar

Two out of five expresso shots.

As a calligrapher, this made me cringe. The kerning was inconsistent and the spacing between some words was erratic. The line spacing could use some work as well.

Though most of the copy was edited well, some grammar problems still slipped through the cracks.

The picture on the left made me do a double-take.


Two out of five expresso shots.

The composition of the covers was impressive with the angles and shading. The backdrop of the covers was well done as well. Both had good use of color.

The line work on the inside was heavy and there was a lot of shading that sometimes made it hard to work out what was happening. Character models were not consistent. The action panels were crowded and hard to make out.

The backdrops and landscapes looked unfinished and lacked detail. The inside pages were akin to looking at an artist who was just starting out.

I give 2100 Samurai Issue 1:

Two out of five shots

The premise for the story is good, and I would like to see more, but the rest of the book had a lot of room for improvement. The world-building was minimal, and the introductions to the characters could have been better.

Stay tuned for the review of the second episode.

Anissa “Maddy” Walker


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