My Twist on 7 Days to Die

Download the game, craft some stuff, kill some zombies. We’ll have fun they said. You’ll enjoy yourself they said.

So, here I am trying to make it more challenging until they finally add the story and endgame stuff. 🙂 How you ask? Read on, my fellow survivor.

I’m doing this on my blog because I can’t code worth squat. So, modding would be out. These shouldn’t be too hard to follow or copy, which you are more than welcome to do as long as you give me credit for the idea. That’s it. That’s all I ask.

I have tried overhaul mods.

7 Days to Die is challenging enough, to a point. This is coming from someone who has around 1200+ hours in the game. I am NOT an expert by any stretch. However, I do have ADHD; so doing the same game for more than 70 days in-game will eventually bore me if I don’t do something to change it.

I have used the Undead Legacy Mod and loved it. I loved the crafting progression, even though the research points were a bit much to collect.

I have used the Romero Mod and liked it a lot. It felt more immersive.

I did try Darkness Falls. I could not concentrate on what I wanted to do perks-wise because there were A TON of repetitive perks. So, that one wasn’t one I would try again. If I spend too much time trying to figure out what the HECK I am doing with my character, I am spending less time playing the game. That’s just how I see it.

I made my own professions.

Yup, I got curious and a little hyper-focused on making professions for the survival game. There are general rules for each.


  1. Two of your first four perk points must pertain to your profession.
  2. The only universal book series is the sewing series. This means all professions can max this while maxing the perk books that pertain to their professions.
  3. If you are choosing a perk that is not listed in the profession list, you can only put two points max in the skill until you max out your listed perks. Example: If you are a Rogue, you can only put two points max into Mother Lode as Rogues do not generally mine or gather resources.
  4. If only the attribute for the perks are listed, you must max out all the perks in that tree.
  5. You are only allowed to keep materials that pertain to the profession you are using and the weapons in which you specialize. Example: If Rifles and Pistols are your thing, you cannot keep anything pertaining to shotguns. This includes materials to make shotgun shells unless they can be used for other crafts.
  6. You can only keep the books that pertain to your profession until you have maxed your profession points.
  7. You can utilize any schematics you find.
  8. Once you have maxed out your profession’s perks, you can max out other trees.

The Rogue

The Rogue is cunning and crafty. They will do anything they need to survive in the zombie-filled world with a few exceptions:
They will beg, borrow, and steal anything. They will also make sure their horde is secured.
It is for this reason their main concentration is the Agility tree with their secondary being 4 perks under the Perception tree.
They know how to disarm traps and explosives. Rogues also love to hit things from as far away as possible.
They secure their homes and bases with traps as they like to do things the easy way.
They are resourceful with healing. They love a good deal and tracking down all the shiny things.
Your weapon choices are:
pistol, bow, knives, and rifles.

The Mercenary

Whether former or ex-military, the mercenary is versed in melee and ranged combat. They can identify traps and remove them. They have also been known to make their own.
They are also versed in making their own ammunition in dire times. This means they will hunt for and find not only food but the materials necessary to keep their weapons loaded.
They are tough and resilient, making them more likely to survive the longest when the undead are about.
Their weapon choices are:
clubs, knuckles, shotguns, machineguns, and explosives.

The Rigger/Wheelman

The Rigger does everything they can to survive by making sure the enemy stays a fair distance away when possible. They will use batons for up-close confrontations, but they prefer traps and drones to do the work for them.

They can make any vehicle they need to travel long distances, making them perfect for the nomadic lifestyle of the survivor. However, they can’t cook worth squat and they don’t farm.

They are great at scavenging the parts they need for making their creations, but they don’t like to mine for materials.
Their weapon choices are:
Batons, rifles, and drones.

The Contractor

This person has gone from building homes and commercial sites to fending for themselves in the zombie-filled world.
They did have an interest in firearms, which explains how they can choose any weapon in the tree as their main one.

There is NOTHING they can’t build, and that includes making their own tools and mining for their materials.

The Assassin

From the shadows, there is an ominous feeling of dread. It’s like you’re being watched, but you can’t tell from where. This is the assassin’s playground, and the zombies are their prey.
Versed in long-range stealth kills and knife work, the assassin can infiltrate any building to achieve their objective.

Their weapons choices are:
Rifles, bows, and knives.

Are you up for the challenge?

The Farmer/Hunter

This poor survivor has gone from goofer hunting and child chasing to making sure those pesky zombies don’t ruin their crops! The irony of the situation is they are well-suited for the world in which they have awakened.

From tracking animals to growing crops and cooking, they can sustain themselves indefinitely. They have the constitution to withstand the harsh environment, and the know-how to piece themselves together.

Their weapons choices are:
Shotguns and clubs. They can also choose between rifles and pistols.

The Street Fighter/Brawler

There is always one tough guy in the bunch, and a world full of walking corpses, they just might come in handy.

This person is built like an ox and able to dish out pain.

Their weapons of choice:
Clubs, fists, and knives.

The Scavenger

This survivor has a knack for turning junk into valuables. There is nothing they can’t make to sell, barter, or use themselves. They also mine for ore to use for their projects as well as ammo. When they enter an abandoned home, they leave nothing they can’t use behind, often leaving a shell of a home.

They can choose any two weapons in which to specialize as well as use turrets through Robo engineer.

That’s my list.

Is there anything you like for me to add? Let me know!

Until next time,

Anissa “Maddy” Walker


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  1. Really enjoyed the read, could actually use your writings on a project I’m working on myself. Keep it up man and don’t forget to post every single day. All you need is 100 subscribers per month.


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