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Chronicle of a Teenage Werewolf: The Briefing

Chapter 7

I hate this room. They could do more to make it comfy, but then again it’s a conference room. I shouldn’t expect much. 
Gloria sighed as she made her way around the oak table to one of the executive chairs closest to the whiteboard. There was a slide projector on the far end and every place at the table had a booklet held together by a plastic cover and slide. The first page had Armin’s mugshot. 

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Just My Luck: The Search

Chapter 5

I have no clue why she sent me here. Magic isn’t my thing.

A middle-aged man rubbed his flattop and made his way into the Ninth Circle. Upon crossing the threshold, he was met by a troll with smooth features and small tusks. 

The left corner of the troll’s mouth turned up slightly, “Pitbull, what are you doing here? Flashpoint doesn’t usually get here until after 7. We just opened.”

Pitbull nodded his head as he held up one hand, “I know that, big guy. She’s gone missing, and I was wondering if you or anyone else saw her here a couple of nights ago.”

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Just My Luck: Chapter Three


Longbow stood looking out the window while sipping his coffee. He glanced over at Mims who was mixing batter for pancakes and then to his phone for any sign of Laura having responded, but there was nothing. 

Mims poured the first quarter cup of batter into the iron skillet, “Haven’t heard from her yet?”

Longbow shook his head as he made his way back to the kitchen table where his laptop sat. He clicked his calendar and to-do lists. He answered two emails, refilled his cup, and was four-deep in his email responses when he heard Mims clear her throat.

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Chronicle of a Teenage Werewolf: Chapter 4

What is this place?

Chronicle of a Teenage werewolf.

Armin wiped the blood from his maw. The hunger was rising again and overtaking his sense of caution. He tried to recall how many he had bitten without finishing them. He drew a blank. Looking around, he found a spot and began to dig a trench for the corpses he created. He reached for the third one; it stirred. 

Shit, it’s a pup. 

He quickly covered the trench and snatched the pup and placed him on his shoulders. He bolted through the forest to his lair. 

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Writing Prompt: Fun with a gangster?

This prompt came to me by a site that loves the horror genre. If you wish to visit the site, click the following link:

On that page, there is a button you press that randomizes four aspects to create the prompt. It’s imaginative and different. Most of the prompts I run into are in graphical format.
So, let’s see how fun this adventure with a gangster is going to be.

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Chronicle of a Teenage Werewolf: Chapter 3

I’m a Puppy Now?

Chronicle of a Teenage Werewolf

“Fresh pup? That sounds like I need to be housebroken or something.”

Gloria held her hand to her mouth, but the chuckle couldn’t be suppressed, “Well, in a way, it’s kind of like that.”

Angie threw her hands in the air, “Great, so where do we put the newspaper, and where are my bowls?”

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Just My Luck: Chapter One

Hangovers are Hell

Just my luck

Laura sat there still fuzzy about what happened the night before. She knew she had kept an eye on her drink and never walked away without taking it. She always put her hand over it when she looked away. She did everything right. So how did she wind up in a dark room with a flickering bulb that could go out at any second? Her eyes flew open wide as her mind injected the terror as to what might have happened. 

Did he rape me? 

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Denver Character Dump

…or what I do when I can’t come up with a character background post.

There are times when I have a bunch of character ideas but there isn’t enough information running around in my brain to full flesh them out to make a stand-alone character profile for the blog.

This is what I fondly call a character dump. It’s like quick sketches for an artist but written. They are characters that will eventually been in my novel series, but not in the early volumes.

So without further ado, here is the dump for the Denver region. As always, if you have any questions for the characters, post them in the comments, and they will answer. 🙂

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