Go in for check-ups, and get an unwanted surprise.

The good news is that we have health insurance. The bad news is that the results from all my check-ups weren’t all I expected them to be.

The hardest thing is to keep my sense of humor. It’s still there. I haven’t lost it, but facing this is hard and heck and scary.

It started with a physical.

Since hubby has a job with health insurance, I decided it was time for a physical. When you’re a woman, that includes a pap smear, or as I like to describe it, a piece of plastic and a large cotton swab shoved up my twat.

All tests are followed by the results of those tests, and the results weren’t what I was expecting… at all. I was positive for HPV 18 and they had found precancerous cells in my cervix. Yeah, that happened.

So, a sonogram was scheduled.

Yes, the hair is frizzed. I share a hairdresser with Hagrid.

Here I am, waiting on my first sonogram. The nurse administering it declared she had a student and wondered if it would be alright for her to be there for the procedure.

I didn’t have any problems with it. I am all for education.

Then the results came in.

The results. Crap…

This led to an MRI.

Very color-coordinated. I have a discount at Hagrid’s hairdresser. Don’t judge me. 😉

The scanning lasted about an hour. They told me the results would be ready on the date of this blog post.
They were ready on the 21st, the same day as the MRI.

They found a possible malignancy on my left ovary.

I am waiting for an appointment with the oncologist. I am scared, worried, and not expecting any of this.

I mean, I haven’t been feeling well for a bit, but holy hell, cancer?

My husband is a wonder. He refuses to let me mope, get into a depressing funk, or anything about this. I love him.

More later,
Anissa “Maddy” Walker


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