It’s been wild…

Well, I didn’t realize it’s been a month. I really have to stop that.

The last month has been a failed exercise in trying to get a routine that included writing clients and my content, as you can see. When you mix my mother up in there, you can imagine the time I didn’t have for blogging or other things.
I got videos out at least. That’s something, right?

I started with one client, added two more, and now I am back down to one as I have not heard from the other two.
Building a client base has not been easy, but I am plugging along.
I have learned not to rely on just the few I have and reached out for more. So, I am back to submitting proposals on Upwork, much to the disappointment of my mother who thinks you need to leave the house in order for it to be called “work”.
I haven’t been able to build a client base before as we were on the road and a stable internet connection was as elusive as the Holy Grail. Now that we have stable internet, I have hit the ground running.

The problem with this is my ADHD and having to adjust to include income from writing for clients, writing for me, and making video content for my channel. Something always seems to fall through the cracks for me, and this time, it was my blog. *sigh*

Focusing is great, but not when you neglect things you love to do. I am managing to fit everything into the week so the weekends are free. That’s progress.


Her visit to a friend in Florida wasn’t what she hoped. Her friend was worse off than she thought, and she couldn’t get the rest she needed.
She’s back home and still trying to interrupt my workday with her refusal to accept that I work from home.
I feel this is coming to a head soon.
That is all I will say about that. The rest is too personal to share.
We are handling the loss of dad one day at a time.


There is a little more in the coffers, but I am still not where I want to be goal-wise. I am plodding along.


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