Looking Back: February

…or how the end of the month provided something that was needed.

It’s not easy to look back upon yourself to see what you could have done better, but doing so helps me to see where to improve.

None of us are perfect. To think you are is, quite frankly, arrogant. We all have cracks in our facade, things on which we need to improve.

From monthly monetary gain to focusing on things and more, this is a post with content updates and goals, whether they have been reached or not.

Falling short

After much talking with the hubby, my monthly goal had to be upped again to $1600/monthly. Let’s blame it on inflation, shall we?

So, out of the $1600 that was in my sights, I was only able to earn $269.30.

Before some wonder why I do this, it’s simple. There are those who would scam others and take money without transparency. I am not any of those people. If you donate to me, hire me for a commission, or even become a monthly patron, you will always see where how much money I have earned for the month.
For those wondering where the money goes, living and business expenses.

Getting my butt in gear

Yeah, this did not happen, at all. I feel horrible for this, but I am going to do stretches in the morning and crunches. I will let you know how that goes. As it warms up, I will be taking walks and going to the gym.

It had to happen

On the road to making a comfortable living, I had to look for a job. I got one on the last day of the month.

Yep, that’s it.

I can’t sit here and expect people to support me with the way things are financially for everyone. That would be selfish, self-centered, and entitled. I am none of those things.

This is going to change things a bit.

Content anyone?

I am still going to turn out content. That hasn’t changed. However, the schedule is, once again, going to change.

I will try to post 7 Days to Die videos twice a week and Subnautica once a week. If I find it’s too hard to manage, I will drop the second 7 Days upload and turn it into a Subnautica upload instead.

I do have plans for more diverse programming in the gaming content, but that can’t happen until I can be independent of my employer. I can’t keep going on the way I have been. My husband and I are struggling too much to make ends meet.

My writing

This is never going to go away. I love writing and expressing myself through the medium. I am still working on my stories, herb book, and novel series.

I just haven’t had the time to work on any of it, and it makes me sad truthfully.

Carrying on

The hole in my heart from the absence of my dad will never go away. To think it will is naive. I am taking this one day at a time. I find myself crying over some songs and movies where the male figure dies.

I loved my father and still do. I just have to find a way to move on now that he is at peace.


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