Snippet: Morgan, the Cursed

As those of you who have followed me for a while know, I get ideas, and snippets that pop into my head, and I have to jot them down.

More often than not, they start out as a thread on Twitter or a snippet here.

This one started on Twitter and may end up to be another of my Creepy Pasta stories. I haven’t decided yet, but with my mind and the voices of characters within it, who knows.

Morgan laid in her bed trying not to move. Her breaths were nothing more than quick intakes. Her mother’s footsteps increased in volume. “You had better be asleep, child. It’s past your bedtime. You remember what happened last time I caught you awake?”

Morgan didn’t answer. She fell for it last time and the lash marks on her back still stung when she laid on her back. She tried her best to explain to her mother she couldn’t close her eyes and sleep. The monster in her dreams would torment her, but the explanations fell on deaf ears.

Ever since she was 8, she could see and hear things her mother could not. Ghosts were the first. Then came inky things that slinked along the walls. After the shadows came, the monsters with gnashing teeth and red eyes.

Each time she tried to talk to her mother, her mother would scoff and tell her it was her imagination. Her mother would tell her those things didn’t exist. Then one evening while Morgan was trying to talk to her mother about the scary things, she saw something small sitting on her mother’s shoulder. It had horns and a pointed tail. Its wings were pitch and the eyes were a green she only saw in haunted houses.

That’s when Morgan knew nothing she said would get through to her mother.

Below is a link to the Twitter post that may prompt readers of the sight-impaired and blind.

I hope you enjoyed the little snippet. If I add more, it will be in a different post.

Until next time, my little misfits.

Anissa “Maddy” Walker

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