Gren: The Character Netflix Misunderstood

…or how they are shoehorning something into a show that was never there in the first place.

Gren- Cowboy Bebop (1998):Even his 'additions' couldn't take away his  hotness. | Cowboy bebop, Cowboy bepop, Bebop
Grencia Mars Elijah Guo Eckener

Here I am again. I love the anime. It is timeless, perfect. The slice-of-life anime in a world of technology, grit, and action.

It had lessons to share, bonds to form, and betrayal that each character worked through in their own way.

The show doesn’t need “tweaking” or fixing. If you don’t like it, fine, but could it be due to the fact you never really understood it?

Just a thought. They are “reimagining” Gren into something he is not. What you ask? Read on, my friend.

Live-Action 'Cowboy Bebop' Casts Nonbinary Actor as Gren

Gren is being played by Mason Alexander Park, a non-binary actor. Why do I mention this? Because they are changing what Gren is to non-binary.

Gren is a male and a veteran of the Titan War who was betrayed by Viscous. Gren who grew to care for Vicious during the war, had to take an experimental drug to help him cope with the betrayal, the accusation of being a spy, and the incarceration.

The side effect of the drug was that it made Gren’s body produce high levels of estrogen which, in turn, made him grow breasts.

This led to Gren having a dual nature of sorts while he played in the club as a musician. He could disguise himself as a female, but he was always male. He used this duality to help him get the information he needed to exact revenge on Vicious. The revenge backfired, and Gren died.

In the show, when he encountered Faye, he told her that women did not interest him. This led to many speculating that he was gay, but that was never confirmed. Dare I say, if they wanted to play that angle, I would not mind it.

As you can see below, they aren’t going to be true to Gren’s palette. Of course, this COULD be the actor’s robe between takes, but after seeing the misrepresentation of Faye and her palette, I would not be surprised if the robe is part of Gren’s wardrobe.

Mason calls himself a fan of the show and is ecstatic about playing Gren, but like the actress playing Faye, they misunderstood who the character was.

The more I find out about the show, the more I want to revisit the anime and forget this will be a thing on Netflix.

Oh, and I checked IMDB for the cast listing. There is still no listing of Ed. Just thought you should know.

Until Next Time, my little misfits,

Anissa “Maddy” Walker


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