Let’s get lean, but not really mean and updates…

There are a lot of things to talk about, but I am not going to make excuses for why I have not been posting. I need to do better and I will.

The Instagram postings…

Many of you who follow me on Instagram have noticed an influx of food, recipe, and workout posts. I am a bit chunkier than I like. So, I am doing something about that by exercising and setting a calorie limit. When I cook a meal or put together something, I post the picture and the short recipe there.

However, there will be times that the meal will be a little longer in the recipes. In those cases, I will be posting those meal recipes here. I will include the total calories for the meal. I am currently using the Lose it! app to keep track of my calories.

The first full breakfast meal recipe will be up tomorrow.

Fighting the good fight…

I have been busy uploading videos to both my geek channels and having fun pointing out the sheer idiocy online. I am also planning on setting a posting schedule and seeing how long that lasts. Wish me luck.

The Housing Situation…

This has been the MOST frustrating of everything. Ronin and I had NO clue Texas apartments were so expensive, but that is what you get when you don’t research. What do I mean?

Imagine a one bedroom/One bathroom apartment. Now make it between 500-650 sq ft and price it at $800-$950/mo. So they want a lot of money for a shoe box. None of the realtors have called us back when we have found house rentals that were reasonable. I am going to have to start pestering some people.

This is stressful. I am not even going to go into the fact that we will still furniture other than a bed.


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