dusting this off, and getting back to it.

I have been a bad, bad woman. I have neglected my blog and that means I have neglected all the people following my blog. There has been a ton going on IRL. So, I will explain.

If you want to shorthand version, this is the video.


March 6 was the day we left our apartment ahead of an eviction notice. Ronin had changed jobs back to his former employer, and they didn’t give him the miles he needed.
This means I am currently staying with a friend who is married with children. It’s an adjustment, and that adjustment is going well.
I have been looking for another place live, and our friend may have helped us in a big way. He is renting his home from a realtor and talked to him on the phone the other day. After he explained the situation to his landlord, the landlord said he would email a list of rental properties for us to look through.
This could mean renting a house and not an apartment.


Shortly after we moved in with the friend, my bronchitis kicked up and knocked me flat on my ass for about a week. It has left me with a residual cough, and a feeling of paranoia when I HAVE to go out for groceries and medicine.
I have been out a total of about four times since the Shelter-in-Place started. I have coughed in public, causing heads to snap in my direction. I raised my hands each time and stated it was asthma. I am beginning to think I need a sign around my neck declaring my condition.
It has been a chore to stay six feet away from people. It’s not that I am a social butterfly. Some places are more crowded than others.

What I am doing…

I am getting back into the saddle, and creating content for the blogs and my YouTube channels.
I am also still on the hunt for another place to live while I am keeping an eye on what’s going on with this Hanflu shuffle.

Until Next Time,
Anissa “Maddy” Walker

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