We have women. Where have you been?

There are very few things in the media that catch my attention enough to cause me to start making a mental rebuttal, but when someone, especially another female, decides to speak out of a place normally reserved for the exodus of stool, my brain starts to make a mental post that would take too many characters to fully explain in a Twitter thread.
This is one of those moments. This person has a rant. I have a rebuttal. Let’s get this thing rolling.

Right out of the gate, she negates the women who read comic books, saying they are created and curated by men for men. They are not. They are created by both men and women and made for all who wish to read them. The industry cannot control the demographic. Once comics hit the mainstream, men showed more interest in comics than women. Women are more often drawn to romance novels, gossip rags and the like. So, the fact that more men read comics than women is more out of natural gravitation and not deliberate design. ICV2 has a wonderful breakdown of the demographic of comic book purchasers and which sexes tend to purchase which trades.
It’s not just men who are angry about what Hollywood has done with comic heroine’s, but women tend to get ignored in this genre when they have valid critiques as well. I have yet to encounter a man who got angry with me when I told them I like to read comics and watch comic-book movies.
PEOPLE, both sexes, are angry about Birds of Prey due to the fact that the writing is in poor taste, there are fight scenes that are horrid, and the men are made to look incompetent in an effort to make the women look strong. When this happens, the women don’t look strong, they look like villains and bullies, not a good portrayal.

same thread as linked above.

I really love comics and have run into many other women who do as well. We’ve never had a problem discussing a trade with a male.
I see you’ve bought into the bullying narrative. It isn’t true, and if you do a little digging, many of the actresses who left social media either did it due to the mainstream media or intersectional feminists saying they weren’t [insert gender here] enough. Ruby Rose admitted to leaving social media because she was being hounded about not being lesbian enough when she is an actual lesbian. Variety even has quotes from Ruby talking about how she was hounded by the “woke” crowd. Wrap your head around that one. It’s too much stupid for me to comprehend.



Ororo Munroe, Storm, an African queen and controller of elements.

Jean Grey, co-leader of the X-Men, Omega level mutant, and able to handle her own.

Raven, daughter of a demon, who fights against the demon half of her nature and is formidable in battle.

Supergirl who has a great backstory, but was trashed on the CW in favor of an agenda.



Kitty Pride

She Hulk



Black Canary

Jessica Jones

Cassandra Cain





Olivia from SVU

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Female Terminator

Samantha from Bewitched

Lucille Ball

Annalise Keating

Monica Gellar




Willow from Buffy

Sansa and Arya Stark

Elaine Bennes

Brienne of Tarth

Kate Beckette

Carrie Bradshaw

Cersei Lannister



Veronica Mars

Lorelai Gilmore

Captain Janeway


Scarlett O’Hara

Maria From Sound of Music

Mary Poppins

Princess Leia




Sarah Conner

Sofia, The Color Purple

Celie, the Color Purple

Imperator Furiosa

The Bride, ‘Kill Bill’

Clarice Starling

Annie Hall

Holly Golightly, Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Elizabeth Bennet, Pride and Prejudice

Amy Dunne, ‘Gone Girl’

Dorothy Gale, ‘The Wizard of Oz’

Jordan O’Neill, G.I. Jane

Lara Croft

I am not naming all of them here, but you get the point, right?

Um, we women have been here long before you young and woefully ignorant youngsters were.
We, too, want solidly written characters with solid arcs and plots without holes.
Well, when it’s the feminists constantly telling the men certain things aren’t for them, who would you blame? I certainly would not blame the men. You told them “X” wasn’t for them and kept bashing that over their heads, figuratively speaking. After being told enough times, they stopped going to things you told them wasn’t for them. Where has that gotten your precious want for more females and minorities in entertainment? Hmmm?

This is ignorance on your part once again. There are female artists out there in abundance. As a matter of fact, if you click here, you will see they are world-wide and have been in the industry of comic books FOR DECADES. It just took me a minute long search to find that list, by the way. Google is a thing. Have you heard about it?

More women in music? Billy Holiday? Aretha Franklin? Cher? Madonna? Tailor Swift? Reba? Bonnie Rait? Fucking Lady Gaga? Janet Jackson? Whitney Houston? Rihanna? Bey-fucking-once? Mariah Carey? Katy Perry? Alicia Keys? Ariana Grande? Billie Eillish? COME ON. THIS IS TOO EASY! DO YOU LIVE UNDER A ROCK?

As for directors, I will just copy and paste the following pictures:

Again, Google anyone?

Your fear isn’t their fault. As I have previously stated, I, and many other women, have been reading comics for decades before you came along and haven’t a problem one discussing them with anyone.

There are more female roles to count with well-rounded character development and solid backstories throughout television, movie, musical, and comic book history. You just have to LOOK FOR THEM. They exist. I provided PLENTY of examples.

Can you put anymore buzzwords in there, hun? Good grief, I think you won Bingo somewhere.

Comic books have never been just for men. I am not going to repeat myself.

Until Next Time,
Anissa “Maddy” Walker

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