Of Flashpoints and Jazzmen: What’s going on this week?

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...or how am I trying to keep myself from being confused and twiddling my thumbs. Yes, I have a lot going on, but that's nothing new. I like to keep busy, and the more I have on plate, the more I feel like I am accomplishing something. Now, now, before you go back and reference … Continue reading Of Flashpoints and Jazzmen: What’s going on this week?


Shadowrun Fanfic: SAving Jazzman

In an office sits an employee, black uniform with the insignia of a serpent in a shield, trying not to fidget under the scrutiny of the man who sat behind an overly large oak executive desk. This was his first time being called to the executive’s office since his hiring. His nervousness was due to the rumors of employees who told him that he was getting fired or worse. Sitting on a dais, the desk and man loomed over the net security officer. He felt as if he was being passed under a microscope. The executive's dark brown eyes bored into the tech’s very soul. His hands grasped the leather armrests to keep from pounding on the desk.