Of Flashpoints and Jazzmen: What’s going on this week?

New Stuff

…or how am I trying to keep myself from being confused and twiddling my thumbs.

Yes, I have a lot going on, but that’s nothing new. I like to keep busy, and the more I have on plate, the more I feel like I am accomplishing something. Now, now, before you go back and reference on of my ADD posts, I am still breaking my projects down into smaller projects and keeping the deadlines soft in case I need to push it back, and I have only had to do that twice. So, I am not doing too bad.

What happened to part 2?

I had to delete it. I went back to read it and see where I needed to go from where it ended and realized that it was a disjointed mess that didn’t make any sense. I was in my frantic phase of copying and pasting things to just get out content and didn’t proof read it first. I will never do that again. That was a BIG no-no.
I went back to read it and utterly confused myself.

The Adventures of Flashpoint

This is going to be a Wattpad series. It’s a science fiction series about a mage in a cyberpunk world who always winds up getting herself into trouble. You MAY or MAY NOT being seeing her in the Hanover House series.

A Universe? Who me?

Yes, I am creating a universe all sorts of characters and genres. There may or may NOT be a female dimension hopper that is an adventurer. My imagination works in weird, and hopefully entertaining, ways.
I hope you will stay with me for the ride.


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