Dear Entertainment Industry, Can we talk?

Dear Creative Industry, Can we talk?

I did one of these a long time ago, and even though it seems to be holding up rather well on the internet where most takes have a habit of aging like milk, I decided to do another and expand on other things that have been concerning me as of late.

So, if you’re up to listening to me ramble about lore, canon, writers, and actors in the entertainment space, click, and let’s get to it.

Dear Actors,

Hi and hello, I am someone who enjoys watching many of you on the big screen; however, many of you have recently taken up the mantle of being an activist in one way or another, defending things of which I don’t agree, it is your right.
Many of you have even gone as far as to call many of us any negative thing you can think of after telling us the projects, on which you work, are not for us and then throwing insults our way when we don’t go to see it.
I am assuming you do this because you are so wrapped up in the rhetoric in your desire to stay relevant you’ve forgotten it is often the old and long-established fandom that often recommends things to the younger generation of potential fans thus keeping the interest alive.
We are tired of being labeled with everything you can’t seem to define properly without changing the definition of the term. We are tired of being told we are relics of a bygone era as most of you happily participate in the destruction of the thing we love. You work on projects you know will anger us only shooting your nose to spite your face in many cases.
I would like more Henry Cavills and Jenna Ortegas who fight for canonically accurate characters when they portray them. I respect their insistence on standing their ground. The sad thing is they are torn to shreds in the media and, in Cavill’s case, lose their role, which is a shame.
You vilify the likes of Tim Allen and James Woods while propping up those who would be perfectly happy in pushing narratives and loudly stating your stance politically.
I hate to sound billgerent… No, no I am not.
All actors are overly-paid trained monkies who would be out of work if no one watched your projects. You seem to have forgotten that as well. Your egos have taken over your better judgment and common sense if any of you had any from the start.

Dear Writers,

Why do insist on vying for jobs on projects you hate? Why do you infiltrate fandoms only to piss us off? All you are doing is demonstrating how petty and creatively bankrupt you are when you do this.
All you are showing those of us who write and the fans who do not write is that you have no utter idea how to tell a cohesive story at all, let alone one that does not insult the audience.
You would rather rub your hands together like a 2-dimensional villain and cackle as you systematically write predictable plots, unnatural dialogue, and situations that would never happen in the lore of the world in which you are trying to expand.
Though you are not normally in front of the camera, you are vocal on social media lobbing the same insults the actors do when we offer reasonable and valid critiques of the show’s or movie’s writing.
You need to stop being the playground bully, grow-up, and learn to write within the canon you are given. If you don’t like the project DON’T APPLY FOR IT. It makes you look petty as hell.
As far as thinking you’ve accomplished something? You did. You are helping to tank the entertainment industry.

Dear Industry as a whole…

I am part of the majority that sees how creatively bankrupt you have become with the tokens, the reboots, remasters, gender swaps, and remakes.
We are tired of seeing a character we grew up loving being either changed in appearance for diversity’s sake or gender-swapped to a male just to see them belittled.
We all KNOW there are original stories out there to be found and portrayed on the big screen and the small ones.
We are not suffering from hero, sci-fi, or any other genre fatigue.
What we are suffering from is lack of originality, good writing, and remake fatigue.

If you could go back to when you are actually worth the money of a theatre ticket, that would be great.

Anissa “Maddy” Walker.


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