Writing Prompt: Scene in a Shop

Start a story in a shop. daily writing prompt from www.wrtierswrite.co.za Writing prompt 4-7-2023

Start a story in a shop.
Daily writing prompt from www.writerswrite.coza

I am really trying to get into writing prompts and exercise my chops on a daily basis.

I tried once, but then stopped, which is usually par for the course for yours truly.

So, what can I develop using the prompt to the left?

Let’s see what I can come up with, shall we?

It was early morning, the type of early you set your alarm for only to hit the snooze a few times. It was still dark outside when I pushed the door open to the mom-and-pop’s shop on the corner, and that’s when it hit me, the smell of freshly ground coffee and bacon frying on the grill.

Before I could get my brain in gear, Sadie looked at me from behind the counter, “Your usual, hun?”
The only thing I could muster was a nod. I was lucky I hadn’t tripped over my two feet this morning. My brain was arguing with the rest of me which led to my eyes being half open and my feet doing the zombie shuffle. I shambled to the counter with my card and handed it over. Sadie smiled as she swiped it and returned it to my hand.
“Thanks, Sadie.” I managed to mumble.
“We know you, honey. It looks like you really didn’t get much sleep. Working a case?”
I nodded.
“I’ll put an extra shot in your latte this morning, on the house.”
“You’re a peach.”
“Have a seat. I’ll bring it to ya.”
I put my hair up and slipped my glasses on my head as I sat to wait for the hot liquid that would shock my brain into gear. I had to figure out how the guy ended up like he did, half in the front seat and half in the back. The bell dinged from the top of the front door. I looked up to see the coroner shuffle up to the counter.
“You, too, Richey.”
The head of curls shook up and down, “Waiting on the tox screen to come back. It’s the damnedest thing.”
“This must be a really important case.”
“It’s Stephen Marks, the charity guy.”
Sadie’s hand flew to her face and her eyes were as wide as saucers, “Oh my! They hadn’t said that on the news or socials! He used to come in here all the time. He was so sweet. You havin’ the usual, Richey?”
The coroner nodded and sat at the same table as me.
We grunted and nodded as we waited for the coffee.

The picture below will trigger a screen reader.

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