Doctor updates, content, writing, and more…

Of Schedules and such... mar 22- mar 29

It’s been a week, shocking I know! I got it within the week. I surprise myself sometimes.

There have been ups and downs and even sometimes I have gone sideways.

For those of you who don’t like these posts, there are plenty of others on this website you can read and enjoy.
For those of you who wish to keep up with me, this is what I have been up to with my projects and such.

My Writing

Other than the serial story, all my other projects are pretty much stalled. I hate that. This requires a re-working of my schedule to fit in my writing projects, ESPECIALLY if I want to publish another book.
I am going to finish the research for my herbal and finish writing it.
The Herbs in Your Kitchen is a book that introduces how to use those herbs for first aid and supplements as well as cooking.

Herbalism is one of my many passions, and I wish to share it with you via this book and others. I can’t wait until I can publish it.

Cancer Update

I will be undergoing a biopsy and an internal camera observation under sedation in early May. My oncologist wants to make sure there is no cancer in my system, and she wants to find out why my bladder is acting up.

She wants to get a definitive answer, and so do I. Even though the three samples she took did not show any cancer, she wants a larger sample to make sure.

I really lucked out with this doctor.


Beware. This section is riddled with links to videos. It will trigger screen readers.

These are my thoughts on current topics floating through the internet.

Until Next Time,
Anissa “Maddy” Walker


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