What happened to the Willow and Bebop reviews?

content reviews... Why I didn't finish Cowboy bebop or Willow

Yup, I started reviewing both of those shows and stopped. It isn’t due to ADD or Chemo Brain. I didn’t forget and continued being consistently inconsistent.

There are valid reasons, and I hope you will find them reasonable.

Cowboy Bebop

I pride myself on giving a lot of things a fair shot. I will, and have, watched adaptations and reboots to see if the source material was honored or if they added something that worked within the story and lore.

In the case of Bebop, I stopped reviewing the show because they veered horribly off course, and it became something that had a Bebop skin but was not Bebop.

Jet was disrespected as he was made into a deadbeat dad. Vicious was castrated power-wise with his cunning and blood-thirsty nature being transferred to Julia. It was out of order and things were thrown in as filler to make the sessions longer.


This could have been a wonderful continuation of the movie that came out when I was younger. After all, there was a major plotline that was left unfinished. With it being a series, they could have built the world out more and made the characters more interesting.

That didn’t happen.

I was highly disappointed, and you could tell from the start Lucas had no hand in the writing as the plot holes were the size of craters and it just got worse in the telling. It was remarkably average. I found myself constantly looking at how much of the show was left, not a good sign.

I should not have to check to see how far into the episode I am. I should be wondering how the episode went by so quickly. I stopped because each episode was a slog, and I found myself looking for other things to do.

I don’t torture myself…

If I find I am losing interest in a show, movie, or book, I will stop watching or reading it. Although I admire those who see series and movies through, I am at a loss as to why they just don’t tell their audience, “I can’t in good faith continue reviewing this [insert media here].”
They can always follow up by explaining why they can’t. I would be perfectly happy if they did. It’s better than hearing the disappointment and disgust in their voices and seeing the boredom on their faces.

Until next time, my loveable misfits,

Anissa “Maddy” Walker


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