A Retrospective: I’ve got some work to do.

weekly retrospective

There are resolutions, and there are goals. I like to set goals, even though they drop around March because I forget.

That’s me. So this year, I am setting weekly goals and making myself accountable at the end of each week to see how far I have to go to make the goals daily habits.

This first week wasn’t so good.

So yeah, not good, but it’s a start. You have to start somewhere. Next week, I am adding the hamster impression to my exercise to build up my energy (treadmill at the gym).
I am thinking about doing my writing while I sip my coffee in the morning and my reading after I am done with work for the day.

It’s all about making adjustments. I am determined to balance work and recreation this year, and also balance having to take my mom on errands as well. This should be fun.

Things I have to work on…

So, I have to train my brain. That is what the meditation is going to do, and I am also going to be doing brain games. I need to stop being irritated every time mom calls me. She is getting better at respecting what I do and giving me the time to do it. She’s also getting better at telling me a day ahead when she needs to run errands. This means I have to adjust the schedule accordingly, and if that means finishing the day a little late.

I have to work on my irritation levels. I am here to help my mom, and that means being ready to take her places when she is ready to go.

I also have to work on NOT suppressing how I feel and talking about it when it is appropriate. Wish me luck on that one.

Having moments…

It’s getting closer to the one-year anniversary of dad’s passing, and mom isn’t doing too well in that department. We’ve also been talking about past trauma and working through how we felt and leaning on each other in that respect. We are both survivors of SA. That’s why she believes me when I finally got the courage to tell her what happened.
There are times when we laugh and times when we argue, but that’s family. She may be getting used to me being here.

Hubby is now Over-the-Road…

Due to inflation, what he was making did not let us get our own place. I am still looking at temp jobs and submitting bids for writing clients. Things are just slow right now, but we’re working on that.
My goal for the year is to be able to help him monetarily through freelance work and content creation.

We’re not too keen on his return to the open road, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Until next time,
Anissa “Maddy” Walker


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