Ducking Ninjas and Being a… Villain?

My quest to fight cancer and become... A SUPERHERO Part deux

…or how the worm turned.

To those of you following me on social media and in my discord server who are playing along, I thank you. It makes me happy to know I have a support group full of geeks and great people.

Now, on to the latest developments.

I have a Nemesis…

Chemo fatigue is a ninja…

I have yet to lay eyes on him, but I know he’s watching me from the shadows. He is quick to strike and thwarts my plans at every turn.

He is a ninja, but not like the ones in the movies or ancient history.

This one is 3 inches tall and carries a bag of sand that instantly makes me sleepy and lethargic. I don’t know his name, but I know no matter how much I try to duck, weave and dodge him, he always finds me and puts me to sleep. I will best this foe one way or another.

Back to the diaries…

Are they even giving me the right stuff? I am suspect.

Cancer Diary Day 13
Sat in the car before leaving and concentrated on the engine to see if I could start the CR-V. People started staring at me and some dude honked at me.
Got home and stood in the front yard rolling my shoulders to see if I felt wings sprouting.
The neighbors were with their friends again exchanging money. Some were pumping their fists while the others looked downtrodden. They were taking bets.
Undaunted, I ran and leaped to see if I had flight akin to Superman. All did was jump two feet laterally.
The neighbors started dialing their phones again.
I’m definitely thinking they are giving me the wrong stuff at this point.

Has the worm turned?

They’re onto me! gasp
Cancer Diary Day 14
The techs have found my entries. The one named Tony looked at me, “So, you think we’re hiding kryptonite down here.”
I must have shown a moment of shock. A smirk appeared on his face.
I mustered a smile and met his gaze, “Yup. That’s what I think.”
“We could tell you, but we would have to kill you.”
Could they be turning me into a weapon against Kryptonians here on Earth? This could be… disturbing.
I am really beginning to think I am being modified to become a villain and not a hero as I would prefer.

A friend of mine on Twitter chimed in to present a new theory. It all started with this convo.

…and ended up here after Day 14. 🙂

This was when I knew the ninja really had my number…
July 15

I have awakened from my slumber. I took a nap from 2-4 yesterday afternoon and was tired at 8:30PM. I went to bed and woke up at 3 this morning. Got tired again at 3:30AM. Finally woke up at 6 AM.
I believe I may have been spliced with ancient drake DNA, whose sleep patterns are erratic, to say the least.
I mean, it would be cool as heck to have dragon magic, but is there such a thing as a dragon with narcolepsy?

As I have friends on FaceBook, I posted it there and got this response from one of them. I love my friends.

Cancer Diary day 15
After dodging the sleepy ninja for most of the day, it has finally found me.
He may have attacked when I was focusing on Ruby in an attempt to see if I could communicate with animals. Alas, instead of a short conversation, my cute Boston jumped in my lap and showered me with licks.
It was after this I started yawning and the energy I had before lunch had been stolen from me.
Could the ninja be colluding with the scientists? Could they be splicing my DNA with that of a drake?
Dragons DO tend to take rather long naps, but then again, they can’t be tamed, not really.

Weekend experimental diaries… July 16
After giving what I believed was ample time for the super soldier serum to take hold, I stood next to my husband only to find out I was not taller than before. There is no healing factor kicking in either as the scars are still present. My stomach is still performing periodic try-outs for the Olympic gymnastic team.
I tried to manipulate fire. I gave myself heartburn, not the result I wanted. I will try again tomorrow.
There was pelvis pain last night. Is there something IN there? This may not bode well.
In all seriousness…
I have shed more of the tumor. Alas, it does come with pelvis pain that requires two extra-strength Tylenol and a heating pad, but I will power through this to kill my arch nemesis.

Weekend experimental diaries… July 17
In fear of the fact I may be modified to become a weapon against good, I ran a gambit of checks.
No urges to kill web slingers or costume myself with an articulated scorpion tail. (Spiderman’s Scorpion enemy.)
I tried to morph into sand. The end result was me having to run to the bathroom to poo. (Spiderman Sandman)
Strapped a cushion to my head to ram a wall. Staggered around for a few seconds. No concussion, thankfully. (Spiderman’s Rhino enemy)
My stomach is resuming its undaunted quest to be a key member of the US Olympic Gymnastics team.
I have been told I may have the runs of the non-speed force type only to have those two times a week and then my body just decides to build a beaver-level dam. Loving that for me.

Cancer Diary Day 16
After another infusion of super soldier serum and radiation, I had to make the journey to hubby’s work.
I tried to make a forcefield around the car. That made me thirsty.
I tried to make the car fly. All I noticed was that I was speeding and needed to lay off the gas.
No further experiments were conducted upon arriving at home. The 3-inch ninja struck again, this time with an industrial-sized bag of sleepy powder.
This is why there will be two entries today.

After my last visit to the bunker, I got to thinking. Maybe I DO have a superpower after all. I started to realize I had the power to amaze the scientists in charge of the project.

Then a NEW theory surfaced…

Maybe… JUST maybe…

Cancer Diary Day 17
I have abandoned trying to manipulate the weather. When I try, I only succeed in making myself either belch, run to pee, or have to poo.
I have lost my temper a couple of times. No reactive green skin or a sudden burst of muscle.
Although I have not seen any Hydra emblems or German scientists, I am beginning to think I am being subjected to a Winter Cuban project. Maybe Red Skull has learned to be more discreet.

More next time, my crime-fighting… um… Cancer-fighting friends.

Stay Super.

Anissa “Maddy” Walker


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