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We have decided! We have a plan!

…or how we reached where we are going live.

For those of you who don’t know, My husband and I have been homeless since March of last year. We’ve been trying to save money while he works on the road, which has been more of a challenge than most people would imagine.

Road expenses were outrageous. So, we sat down came up with a plan.

In about a week, we will be moving in with my parents to definitively save up for a place to live in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. Yes, we are telling everyone where, because we’ve never given a crud about being doxxed. If you’re that filled with hate you have to find where we live, go for it. We’ve never had that happen. So, it’s not an issue.

We were thinking about Texas, but the job he found to get us set up is in Coon Rapids. He’s tired, tired of driving. It’s wearing on him heavily, and he wanted a job so he could be home every night.

This means more consistent content, a stable environment to create my writing projects the way I want. This is VERY important for someone with ADHD. I need stability in order to be more consistent. The road travel is nice, but the internet issues and throttling until a new month starts drives me insane. All of what I do is online. So, when it’s acting up, I feel completely useless.

I am happy, nervous, and anxious about our decision. It means a home, finally, but it also means getting used to a very cold climate that I never imagined, but life is funny that way.

Until next time,

Anissa “Maddy” Walker


I have a passion for writing, crafts, movies, anime, cartoons, comics, and natural health. I create content on Youtube and here on the blog. Maddy is the nickname given to me because of the name of my company "Mad Woman Muses Media". :)

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