Vampires, A Smiley Destroyer of Worlds, and L’l Ole Mac:

Living out of a semi and trying to balance work and play is not easy. Often, things get put off. (Like the Masters of the Universe Reviews.)

There is a LONG list of things I would like to watch, but again, when we park for my husband’s 34-hour clock reset, that doesn’t always mean we binge shows. Up until the keyboard went out on his laptop, we would game.

This weekend we saw three shows together, and I started one on my own. So, I will give my impressions on the ones we started and a quick review on the one we were able to finish.


Hubby and I watched all 13 episodes of Hellsing, dubbed. I may go back and watch it subbed sometime. It was on Hulu, and he said he had seen a little of one episode. I will be doing a longer review of it on the blog, I just want to give a little blub here.

Overall, I found it interesting. The characters were solid; however, two things stood out.

Why have the troops train her?

Seras is a vampire now. It is only fitting that Alucard train her. He can explain what she is a little better and help her a little more. Was it because he was too busy to train her, or was this a writing decision?

Who was pulling the strings?

The only payoff we got was Alucard defeating Incognito at the end. There was no reveal of the organization behind the chips, no showing of the Judas within the organization, nothing. So many things left up in the air.

Hellsing Ultimate

Yup, I we are two episodes into this one, and WOW the difference. I am loving it. Alucard is training Seras, and we have a name to the organization. We even have a face behind it.

I even love how they started with Integra as a child and how Alucard came to be in the service of the Hellsing family. This is a MUCH better telling and showing. The gore is amped up, but the best part is the changes in Seras’s character.

She was meek and had to come into her own in Hellsing, but in Ultimate she is self-assured and confident and the only apprehension she has shown as of yet is her not fully knowing her power.

I am looking forward to watching the rest of the episodes!

MacGyver 2016

I am going to start this by saying I grew up watching the original. That being said, when my husband said many people said this reimagining was good, we hopped over to Amazon Prime and gave it a whirl. I THINK we’re four episodes in at this point. (I didn’t go back and check.)

The cast clicks. The writing is good so far. The kid is doing a bang-up job being a young Mac, and Jack is solid. I like the hacker. She’s cool.

Overall, I am enjoying the feel, the look, the writing, and pacing of the show. The only thing I had to roll my eyes at was the “My ex is my enemy thing”. The sudden and inevitable betrayal. *faints*

The clichĂ© “not us” when referring to their relationship was predictable.

Assassination Classroom

I clicked on this one when Hubby was napping and watched the first five episodes with earbuds.

I have three words to describe this so far.


I had a hard time explaining this one to my husband, but I am enjoying the show. The total contrast between the prep school and kids in the “End” class are staggering, and the way the E-class kids are treated outside the classroom is harsh, but it drives home a point about the world in which this is placed.

“Succeed or be unpersoned.”

The teacher is an odd duck. Besides his appearance, he encourages the kids, mentors them, and even grades them on their assassination attempts. He is unpredictable at times, and a complete goof at others.

I find myself liking Koro Sensai. I can’t help it.


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