Starting to Plot It Out

I warned you. The updates are coming and they will keep coming. This is how I hold myself accountable, and how can follow my chaotic and ADHD writing style.

You get to see the plot points and character “sketches”.

So, strap yourself in, and let’s get to it.

My first NaNo project was completely off the cuff, stream of consciousness writing. There was no outlining, plot jotting, or character “sketches”. I just down at my computer and starting typing.

(I use the quotes with sketches, because I can’t draw. My “sketches” are like the ones I did for the character dump and the protagonist post the other day.)

I am taking October to make sure this one is at least loosely planned out. This book will have world jumping in it. So, I need to have some planning and structure to the plots that will be in the book.

Plot outline for the book on Dabble. I am not sponsored by Dabble.

The more I use this app, the more I fall in love with it. I am using the paid service. It is a Godsend.

I digress.

The structure for the novel is coming together. I know this may have spoilers in it, but I am not straight out showing you the novel writing itself. You will notice that I answered my own conundrum from the other post. I have decided to include the plot line where his team is trying to figure out what happened to Cowboy and how to get him back.

This is will present a huge challenge for me, and this is why I need to use the plot notes to keep everything straight. As this adds to the world-building I am doing for my novel series. Cowboy Out of Time will not be in the series itself, but a side novel that further add to the lore of the universe.

I hope that makes sense.

Until next time,

Anissa “Maddy” Walker

PS. I have a group on If you want to have fun while taking on the challenge, click the link below and let’s help each other in November.

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