Masters of the Universe: The Controversial Show

Master of the Universe Revelation screencap of the characters

…or how many don’t watch a show before repeating what they see.

Being a fan of the original and one who liked the reboot, I was going to watch this one as well. Admittedly, I didn’t watch She-Ra. I couldn’t get past the art and bits of animation I did see.

I am two episodes into the show, and I have a few things to say about the controversy, the “geek” that can’t keep his yap shut, the YouTube channel that broadcasted a leak, and the accusations that were thrown about.

Let’s get into this shitshow, shall we?

March 10, the date that will live in internet infamy…

While I was happy in my little corner of the internet avoiding drama like the plague, the self-proclaiming official of all things geek, Kevin Smith, called out a YouTube channel by the name of Clownfish TV.

Youtuber Clownfish TV says Kevin Smith's upcoming He-Man cartoon will focus  on Teela, Kevin Smith debunks this thrice.: quityourbullshit

Mind you, people in the entertainment business do have insiders. Those insiders are the sources of rumors and leaks. Clownfish had one. So, they reported what the insider found. Smith accused them of lying.

Hold onto this. It will come into play later.

May 13th, the Artwork was released…

Variety dropped an article highlighting the artwork for the show. I did a comparison on Twitter. It was mixed for me, but overall, I liked it. The one thing throwing me off was there were two pictures of Teela. I thought one was fan art and the other was official, but it turned out both were official likenesses of her.

May 28th, Kevin Responded to another Clownfish tweet…

The internet doesn’t like when you punch down, and the backlash was going toward Smith. So, in typical Smith fashion, he tried to defend himself.

Kevin Smith's Confusing Narrative for Masters of the Universe: Revelation

By all accounts, when the first reviews started coming out, it looked like Clownfish was dead to rights and Kevin was lying. The tables looked to have turned.

Kevin Smith's Confusing Narrative for Masters of the Universe: Revelation

Screenrant had basically backed everything the insider has said, but can even Screenrant be trusted? I am not one to take any media outlet as gospel. I do my own digging.

June 10th, the teaser dropped…

I was excited. It was action-packed. The animation blew me away, and the revamps of the characters had me stoked.

Clownfish were beginning to think they were wrong…

Being the type of people they are, they will say when they are wrong. I mean, when you look at the trailer, it looks like they were.

Then the other trailer dropped…

This one centered around Teela, which bolstered the report of the insider. Kevin was still sticking to his guns. They were lying and he was going to prove it, but internet archivers were going to prove he was not genuine.

Kevin Smith not a fan…

From the Mecharandom 42 channel.

Yeah, he admitted he was not a fan. He got more backlash. The fans were coming out in droves now.

Whether he has apologized is up for interpretation. That’s not for me to say.

The fandom hates it…

The general consensus is that the show is shit, but is it? Is it really? I think one of two possible answers for this:

One is that they only listened to the YouTubers and media saying the show was not good and went with it or they watched it through jaded lenses looking for ANY reason to hate the show. When you do the first, you are only parroting what you have read and heard. When you the second, you will always find the reasons you are looking for to back up your hatred.

It’s about Teela, not He-Man…

This lets me know that many people need to go back and watch the original. He-Man was NEVER the fronting character of the show. He was the cavalry call at best, coming in when all seemed to to be lost to kick Skeletor’s butt and then go away.
Adam was portrayed as a lazy prince and a slacker. Every episode is laden with complaints about him missing training, being late, and so forth.
The original show had entire episodes dedicated to The Sorceress, Teela, and the other supporting characters, with the exception of Orko.
Hell, even his mother had a backstory as to how she came to Eternia.

Teela was always searching for her mother only to find out it was The Sorceress and her memory was erased until it would be time to reveal her destiny and take her mother’s place.

People seem to have forgotten that.

What do I think?

I have been doing live reactions to the episodes and will be doing reviews on my channel for each one. Here are the first two live reacts.


See you next time, my little misfits.


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