Fandoms and the Jade-Tinted Glasses

Jaded the state of mind achieved through constant disappointment

…or how constant disappointments in franchises have led fandoms being completely jaded.

I totally get it. I am a Star Wars fan. I watched The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. By the time Rise of Skywalker came around, I was done. They had shit on the lore and established canon. The writing was horrid, and don’t get me started on the MaRey Sue. Nope, not going there. You can’t make me.


I was totally stoked. I even let it slide that they changed Bumble Bee, but the more I watched the “The story is slowing down. We need explosions.” method of the Bayverse, the quicker I got bored.

I even watched two of these. The JJVerse was underwhelming. The actors were there, but trying to reboot shit was just naw for me, and before you say they didn’t redo any of the movies, I have one thing to say, “Cumberbatch as Kahn.”

This was a COMPLETE misrepresentation of what Ghostbusters was. They never marketed it as a comedy. It just had jokes in it that worked. This? This was a shitshow of SNL one-upmanship that turned two team members into absolute clowns.

It was a disgrace.

I just can’t with this.

Do I REALLY need to say anything about this piece of utter trash? No? Okay. Moving on.

I couldn’t get past the artwork on this to even give this a shot.
One day, when I have enough beer or can make mojitos, I MIGHT give it a shot, but I am not promising anything.

What I did see of the story and character interactions, there was no character growth as many of the characters made the same damn mistakes over and over without learning a damn thing.

Reconcilliations were done too quickly from what I read and saw.

The animation and character models were inconsistent and jerky at times. The stills I saw were terrible.

Glimmer was chubby in some and thin in others. She-Ra’s chest plate changed. It was a mess.

Enter Masters of the Universe Revelations

still of Masters of the Universe intro
This image does NOT belong to me.

This may be a victim of the times. I am two episodes in, and I cannot find a reason to hate the show to the point where I cannot watch it. As I stated in the previous post, I grew up watching He-Man and watched the reboot.

I, too, have become disillusioned with all the expectation subversions, bastardizations of canon, and the push to inject things in existing fandoms that were never there before, but I am still willing to put prejudgments aside, cast off my jade-colored glasses, and look at something through objective eyes.

I think many have either forgotten how, are too far jaded to be objective, or have gotten caught up in the world of clickbait, outrage, and confirmation bias to be objective anymore, and that’s truly sad.

It’s becuase of this and not forming their own opinions that I fear this show may be dead in the water before it gets its footing. It’s a shame. It has a lot of promise.

If you’re getting ready to type a rebuttal or allude to the bait and switch, please, read my thread on Twitter below.


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