Writing Prompt: Rabbit- Mission Inhoppable

The more I do these, the more I am starting to wonder if there is a hat somewhere they pulled these from to generate the list.


Well, you can’t have any post about rabbits without a picture or gif featuring them. So, you’re welcome for that.

They are adorable, aren’t they?

Right, no more shiny chasing. Time to write!

“Did you see where Fluffy went, mommy?” Gail looked at her mom with worry and a tears rolling down her cheek.

Gail’s mom kneeled down and wiped the tears, “I am sure she’s around here somewhere Gail. She always wanders when you let her out to explore the house. She’s fine as long as she doesn’t go outside.”

“But I want to pet her and cuddle her!” Gail whined.

“Now, Gail, you will get your chance to do that when she wanders back into view. You will have to be patient.”

In an air duct between the second and third floors of the house, there is a soft clicking sound of a radio keying up.

“I swear to Mother Nature. If that brat picks me up one more time, I am going to bite her. She’s annoying.” A small rabbit sat in front of a radio no bigger than a doll’s chair, “She obnoxious, spoiled, and pets me too hard.”

A chuckle came from the radios speaker, “Agent Hops, you know you would miss her.”

“I would do no such thing. She’s aggravating. What’s the mission?”

“You need to smuggle more pellets to Agent Gray. His caretaker keeps forgetting to feed him.”

Hops thumped his right back leg, “We need to find a way to reassign him.”

“He’s working on it. His last transmission was that they were getting tired of picking his deifications out of the cat’s food bowl.”

“So, he’s using plan 213.”

“Yes, he’s acting like he isn’t house trained and annoying the cat at the same time.”

“Projected time of rehoming?”

“He is guessing one more week.”

“Good. I will see what I can do about getting him some pellets. I may have to employ Nipper as a distraction.’

“The Yorkie?”

“Affirmative. She has aided me before, and she likes it when I cuddle up to her. Every time I do, something Gail’s mother calls ‘engagement’ goes through the roof.”

The other rabbit scoffed, “Humans and their social media addictions. They are only popular for one of two reasons: they think they look good or they have cute pets.”

Hops looked confused, “You know about that stuff, commander Lop?”

“Of course I do. My caretaker is one of those influencer things, and she feeds me the top-tier rabbit pellets. I even go to the spa.”

“I am jealous. Gail’s idea of a spa is putting me in the small pool she calls a tub and tries to drown me.”

“God speed on your mission, Hops.”

“Hops out.”

Hops went to wear the vent was not bolted completely and stuck her head out far enough to get a look around. She spotted Nipper and made a sound to get her attention.

Nipper walked over to Hops, “Need help again?”

Hops nodded, “It’s Gray. His caretaker hasn’t fed him.”

Nipper’s eye grew wide, “Wow, he really needs to leave.”

“He’s working on it. Any chance you can give me a diversion?”

“You almost got caught last time. I have another idea.” Nipper bent down closer to Hops’s ear.

Hops froze for a moment before nodding, “Yeah, as much as she annoys me, you’re right. You have a better chance of getting Gray some food.”

“Besides, I have to help Scout out of the house. He’s about to burst and get in trouble for peeing in the house again.”

Hops shook his head, “Those caretakers should not have animals. What is this? The fourth time they left to do something and not make sure Scout had gone potty?”

“The fifth actually.”

“Well, here goes nothing.” Hops made her way into the kitchen where Gail was eating lunch and settled just under her feet. Gail squealed and was about to get out of her seat when her mother shook her finger, “Gail, you get back in your seat and finish your lunch, or I will put Fluffy back in her cage.”

“Yes, momma.”

Nipper made her way to the pantry. She pawed the door open and saw the container with the pellets. She sat, thinking about how she was going to do this. Nipper then made her way to her toybox, took out a toy that held treats and returned to the pantry.

Using her paws and teeth, she gingerly popped the top off and placed her toy in the box. She shuffled some pellets into it, and then placed it on the floor. She slid the lid back into place, and picked up her toy.

Nipper bounded to the back door and started turning circles. Gail’s mother walked over to let her out, “There you go, precious. Go get your zoomies out, you adorable little thing you.”

She bolted around to the side of the house that bordered Scout’s and scooted under the fence. She hopped onto some stones, tip-toed her way across a window ledge and pawed the screen open.

Once inside, she took her toy to Gray and shook out the pellets. Gray hopped for joy, “Thanks! They forgot to feed me yesterday.”

“No sweat, I just hope that’s enough to tide you over. I picked my biggest treat toy.”

That’s when they both heard whimpering. Gray looked at Nipper, “You’d better go help Scout. Poor guy is about to pee his kennel again.”

Nipper nodded, and made her way to Scout who was whimpering and frantically turning circles. She pawed the latch off the kennel and helped with the door. Scout shot out the dog door and did his business. He returned to his kennel when he was finished.

“You’re a pup saver Nipper!”

“Aw shucks, gotta go!”

She grabbed her toy and headed back the same way she came. After twenty more minutes of being in the yard, she started pawing at the back door to be let inside.

Gail’s mother slide the glass door open. Nipper went directly to the water bowl. She then looked around to see Gail carrying Hops who did not look amused.

Nipper leapt and ran circles around Gail until she put Hops down. The both of them curled up in Nipper’s dog bed to take a nap.

“You’re the best, Nipper.”

“I just know how it feels to have my feet dangling when she holds me. Don’t sweat it.”

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