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Writing Prompt: Meet Me There

Yes, I missed yesterday, but yesterday was hubby’s day off, and we got to spend time with the grandbabies. So, I think I can be forgiven?

Prompt: Meet me there

This is a weird one, much like the one for the 5th. As I sit here looking at the words, nothing is really popping into my head.

Let me think on it.

For all those who gave their lives,
Meet me there.

For all those who defended our freedom,
Meet me there.

For all who choose to stand when no one else would,
Meet me there.

Meet me there in heaven
So I can shake your hand.

Meet me there in heaven
So I can sit and listen to your tales.

From the trenches to the desert,
Meet me there.

From the back of the bus to the front,
Meet me there.

From The March to the Speech,
Meet me there.

The history has become cloudy and the words have all been skewed.
I wish to know the stories so I can know all of you.

Meet me there.


I have a passion for writing, crafts, movies, anime, cartoons, comics, and natural health. I create content on Youtube and here on the blog. Maddy is the nickname given to me because of the name of my company "Mad Woman Muses Media". :)

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