Snippet from the Past: Rohan Darkstorm Novel

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Here I am again with another snippet. This is the last one as could not salvage anymore. I do have some of this one on a cloud drive. So, I will be picking it back up and adding to it.

So, without further blathering, here you go.

Again, this is a direct copy of what was on the paper. I have not edited this. So, there will be errors as well as cringe writing.

Chapter Five- The Vigilance of the Vengeful

Alkura seethed as she saw the Grand Matron’s advisors watching how she treated the slaves in the mines. She had always thought that the slaves were lesser beings and they need not be treated as civilized in any way. She was well aware when she first received the appointment of Matron of Slaves that the guidelines were to give them three meals in intervals and to let then rest for eight hours every night. Alkura saw no need in that. To her, it was like treating them as equals to a minor degree and that was not tolerated, at least by her.

This was her second appointment in ten years. Her first was Matron of Interrogation. She was transferred here when the prisoners were dying faster than they could give any information that was useful. She delighted in the torture of the lesser races. The Whip of Open Wounds was her favorite tool of torture as was pouring salt solution on the open wounds. She was brought before Anezra for reappointment when another Matron witnessed her skinning a prisoner alive in order to get answers out of him.

What bothered her the most was that Rohan was no longer under her watchful eye. He was now escorting and assisting the Matron of Interrogation.
How dare they take him from me! He was my best Tamer. I know he is in the beginnings of The Madness, but they will not listen to me!
Her footsteps were deliberate, almost militant. With every step, her anger grew inside her.
I will find a way to expose him for what he is and have him brought before Anezra! It will bring me unending joy in seeing him transformed into a spider centaur to serve the Great One’s needs. The will not listen to me! I bring the issue before the Matrons and I get watched like a disobedient child instead! ME! In her anger, she kicked a slave that was collecting ore to take to the refinery. The slave let out a yelp and dropped the basket. She immediately looked at her watchers. They only jotted the incident down in a journal. She grimaced.
I must learn to control my temper. Only the Great One knows what my next appointment is going to be.

The detention area was a passageway that had been carved out of the underground bedrock, as was everything else. Then cells were five paces square with the ceiling being ten paces in height. Each cell had an alcove dug into the rear for the bed, and wooden table with a washbowl and in the rear left=hand corner, a hole was dug for defecation. The main chamber had a throne were the Matron sat and a varied assortment of contraptions that were designed to extract the information that the Matron sought. Rohan stood at the main entrance to the detention area and watched as the guards led one of the prisoners to a table that was angled at 60 degrees. They placed his feet on the boards at the bottom and strapped then to the board. The arms were stretched out and strapped as well. They placed a leather strap around the forehead and tightened it until the head rested on the table. The Matron made her way to the prisoner from her throne. Rohan would normally be a little shaken by the method, but the prisoner was neither human or elf in nature.

The thing strapped to the table had a hardened and wrinkled face with red slits for eyes, one thin line for a nose, thin strips of skin for lips and jagged teeth. The ears were elongated, stretched three inches past his rounded head. His fingers were as blades with no skin to delineate where the skin stopped and the nail began. His skin was black and stretched taught over his medium frame. His feet were three toed and the legs were hinged as if he were created to leap great distances. It gave Rohan shivers just looking at the creature. He has known about demons and knew that there were different types, but he could not remember ever reading about one that looked as the thing did.

The Matron stepped closer to the table, “What are you, foul thing?”
The thing did not answer. It only stared at her.
“Answer me, foul creature! What are you?” Her voice was tinged with loathing.
The entity on the table began to shift shape. It took on the exact features of the Matron and replied, “I am you. As dark as the night and as terrifying as the nine hells.” The Matron slapped the demon on the table and it shifted to the like of one of the guards.
“Stop your playing, demon-thing. Tell me what you are!”
The Matron took out a vile of black liquid and began to unscrew the top, “This is be most unpleasant if you do not comply.”
“I am he,” he simply replied and turned into the other guard, “I am he who walks in shadows and waits to feed.”
Upon taking the lid off the vile, she let one solitary drop of touch the demon’s skin. The howl that emanated from its mouth was like thousands of fingers being dragged across a writing board.
The Matron only looked at the demon again, “What are you, foul thing? Do not answer me in riddles. Be plain in your speech or another drop will grace your skin.”
The demon’s features shifted to look like Rohan. Rohan shivered. The eyes of the creature seemed to bore right into his very soul.
“I am a servant of Goreth the Vile.” The thing spoke in an even tone, “I am what is known as a doppelganger.”
The Matron paced back and forth listening to the demon’s answer.
“Such cannot be. Doppelgangers have not existed since before the last Rendering of the Realms.”
She looked at it and shook her head, “How many more demon-spawn of Before exist in this time now?”
The demon did not answer. He simply shifted back into his original form and grinned. His razor=like teeth glowed in the globe-light of the chamber. She let another drop of the black liquid fall upon his skin. Again, he howled.
“From the time Before or not, Demonbane still burns a foul one’s skin, does it not?”
The demon looked at the Matron with anger in his eyes, “Yes. It hurts us.”
“Then loose your tongue or you will feel its burn again, correct?”
It rested on the board in silence until the Matron walked toward it with the vile tipped as if to place another drop on its skin. Then, it began to speak of the the demons of Before who walked Ellisar once again. Rohan could only listen in horror.

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