Snippet from the Past: The Folly of Sasha Silverglade

In case you’re wondering, I will be posting snippets I found from the stories I hand wrote and could salvage from the mold and mildew. There will also be poems that were salvaged.

I hope you like them and that they entertain you.

This one is from a fantasy novel I have shelved for now seeing how I am currently working on a non-fiction herbal.

Warning, this is a VERY rough draft. I was still learning how to describe without having it sound like a police description.

Each eye was placed at the topmost corner of the wedge-head. The arms pierced the ground and drove spikes up around the Paladins as they fought their way to the demons. Smaller demons were inside the spiked circle jumping at the Paladins clawing at the armor as if to rip it off entirely. The smaller ones had knife-length nails and deep-set eyes in their heads. Their mouths were filled with razor-sharp teeth as they leapt and swiped at the armor. he looked in horror as one of the small demons clawed his way into the chest of one of his comrades and began to eat him alive. The other four had killed the small ones plaguing them and turned on their brother who had failed. In unison, they stabbed him in vital places, killing him instantly. They were taught death was preferable to the sensation of a demon taking over your soul. Aldeus never thought that he would witness the action first hand.
“Too much for new eyes, Brother. You are full of questions. I see it in your eyes.” the High Paladin observed as he helped Aldeus cut a swath through the lesser demon spawn.
“They are entities that are not in the Demonicon. How do we fight something we know nothing about, Brother Torin.”
There was a wet thud as Torin smashed the head of a demon that stood in front of him.
“There are a different breed, Brother Aldeus. They have only appeared for the first time this year. The scholars and cloistered Clerics are doing what they can to chronicle the new evil, but they seem to multiply and vary every time we seem to be getting the information together.” The last half of the word was emphasized only because Torin was wrenching his scepter from the head of a demon. He added something in a lower tone, “I only hope my children have not run across these accursed things.”
Aldeus said nothing as he severed limbs and heads all the while looking for the necromancer that was raising the dead and causing his fallen brothers to re-enter the battle. He had just killed a demon spawn with two heads when he received a tap from Torin.
“See there, on the ridge,” He pointed to a solitary figure in black robes on an outcropping of rock. It was flaked by two winged demons that like twisted versions of angels with horns and rags for dress.
“Yes, I see him. That is the necromancer, correct?”
“Yes, we must make our way to him at all costs. It appears he is leading the demons as well.”
“Then vanquishing him would send the demons away?”
Mayhaps, but tread wisely. Something tells me that there is more than meets the eye about the necromancer. Remember your teachings, Brother Aldeus. A necromancer deals solely with the dead and raising them.”
Aldeus’ eyes widened briefly, “It is a summoner who calls for entities from other planes.”
“Yes, but what user of magic does both?”
Aldeus drew in a breath, “Not but a lich, or demon can do both.”
“Correct. You remember your studies well. I fear this is a greater demon in the guise of a human that we deal with, Brother.”
“It would seem so.”
As they made their way to the figure on the ridge, they became disappointed when he seemed to disappear from his perch and take the two demons with him.
“It seems he saw us, Brother Torin.”
“Yes, I know. It has happened before. Every instance that one of us has gotten close enough to strike him, he has disappeared into a portal. We know not where he goes.”
“He does not seem to take his army, however.” Aldeus added as he looked at the remaining patches of demon spawn on the field.
“He leaves them here to further dwindle our numbers. I fear, is we do not raise more soldiers to Paladin status soon, our numbers will disappear totally.”
The two fought the remaining demons in silence.


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