Weekly Update: What Da Heck happened?

…or how an injury lead to a lot of worry and not much getting done.

Me thinking about how I am going to word this.

It’s been a bit, a small bit. I know I missed posting some things, but a lot happened last week.

The Injury

“When the wheels aren’t turning, you ain’t earning.” -Hubby
He had an old injury kick up in the form of a disk slipping out of place. As a loving wife, my word stopped in order to nurse him as much as earthly possible, but it couldn’t prevent two trips to medical centers. He was off the road for 12 days, a few of those was because the ER wouldn’t sign off on the paperwork he needed in order to return to work. They kept insisting the standard excuse would fly. It doesn’t when you’re a professional driver. You need a DOT release form signed in order to get back on the road.
We are back on the road picking up and delivering goods now, and he couldn’t be happier. I am happy for him, but I also felt like shit that I couldn’t do anything monetarily to help while he was out.
Bending for him is still a bit of an issue, but he is managing. We are going to schedule an appointment with his regular doctor soon for a check up.

Little was done…

I am not blaming him in the least. One does not plan to have a disk decide to slip out of place in one’s back. I am the type to worry, sometimes a little too much. This meant no writing got done except for a review, and I didn’t do any gameplay recordings. I just couldn’t focus.

This Week…

Expect more on the Wattpad stories. I can’t wait to add to them. I will also be adding to some stories on here and researching for my herbal that I will be publishing this year. So, I am back to the usual.

I hope you will hang in there with me.

Anissa “Maddy” Walker


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