Jack Irons: The Steel Cowboy Issue 3 Review

This is the third and final issue that was gifted to me. I can’t wait to buy the rest of them. I have been enjoying reading these series, but before I continue gushing, I will do my diligence and review this issue.

We are still traveling down memory lane with Jack. He is recounting his tale of the girl from the previous issue when something happens. There is an attack and he’s off chasing the assailant.

I stopped to look at the above panel and smiled. The details and the scope of it makes you really get the feel of the world in which Jack resides. You can see how the night changes the looks and shading and the perspective used lets you see the distance and the feeling of urgency.

The difference in the speed between the two can be seen above.

Here, you realize who the person Jack is chasing happens to be.

There is a brief change where he is back in the bar, and then we are taken back into his memory once more. Instead of the confrontation he built up, he takes us back to when Jack first met Truescent.
This is a bit jarring as I was wanting to see what the conversation was going to be, but I continued, not skipping to the end. I wanted to see where the story was taking me.

He walks us through the adventures Jack had with Makya and how it was good not to feel alone. This is a moment where many can relate. You don’t have to be immortal in order to feel alone. This is a brilliant look into the character. You began to understand what happened through this flashback. One was becoming more… what’s the word? Violent?
Something in me wants to compare this dynamic to the one between MLK and Malcolm X, but I may be over thinking it.

There was a separation happening between the two immortals, and just when you are getting the gist of it, you are transported forward in time to when he is confronted by Makya after years of not seeing him.

Again, just enough humor is woven into the reunion, as well as throughout the book, is not over done. It’s well timed and doesn’t jar you out of the mood and scene that is unfolding.

There is nothing more rewarding when reading than seeing a softer side to a tough protagonist, and we get the reunion here with him and the girl.
He is recovering from his encounter with Makya, he wonders how long he was out but takes time to smile when she child comes in to say hello to him. These moments, that are often used to break up tension, add another dimension to the story. It adds a human element to the tale and the overall feel of the comic.

We also get our first conflict that isn’t violent, in fact we get a closer look into what Jack has done and how it’s affected those around him. Jack, we learn, doesn’t stay in one place too long, but is presented with one problem, the child he rescued is getting attached to him.

Cody leaves us on a cliffhanger in the past. Damn him. đŸ™‚

Again, I have no issues with the line work, palettes, and colors used. Cody and his team know how to set the mood, help the reader get the feel for scenes, and even do exposition in a way that doesn’t make the reader feel they are sitting through a history class taking notes.
I can’t wait until I can buy issue 4.

I give this a four out of five espresso shots.


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