Writing Projects Everywhere

…or what I have lined up this year.

During my retrospective at the end of the year, I took a look at the writing projects that I have going on and those I had shelved due to not thinking about how to schedule things properly.

Now, that things have been broken down into small pieces and are more manageable, I can dust off some of the shelved projects and add to the existing ones I have here on the blog and on Wattpad.

Any links to projects will be at the end of the post so the sight-impaired and blind who use screen readers won’t have a problem with the post.

The first project I need help getting boosted is my passion project for charity. This children’s adventure book allows you the reader to choose my next writing prompt for the next chapter.

It will on this way until the last chapter, which will be a surprise for everyone.

When the book is done and it goes through final edits, an artist will be commissioned for the illustrations, and all proceeds from the sale of the book will go to a charity that fights illiteracy.

This is already on Wattpad, and there are two chapters posted there. I am in the process of writing more chapters to add to this project.

This will be added to as well. It’s time I continued this one. I hope you will like it. It’s about an Otaku (A hacker that doesn’t need equipment to jack into the matrix) who get kidnapped by a corporation trying to figure out how he is able to jack into the matrix and elude their security repeatedly.

Yup, this hero’s journey will be added to as well. I bugs me when they take a well-loved franchise and butcher it.
Her character had so much potential, and I will do my best to bring that out in this fan fiction.

This is a new story that will be going up on Wattpad. It’s a sci-fi/fantasy adventure of a runner who is a mage with a habit of getting herself into trouble.

Yes, it still has my maiden name. lol

I will also be writing a non-fiction book about herbalism. This is one of my passions that I have been studying for almost 30 years.

This book takes the herbs you can find in any kitchen, breaks them down, and tells you how to use them both to cook and as herbal medicine in a pinch.

I hope you will enjoy this when it comes out. It’s the next one on the list for a release.

I will also be dusting off my large fiction series, adding to my lore map, and posting more profiles of the characters in the series.
Tomorrow, I will be posting about indie creators. Be on the lookout. It will include links to their crowd funding, and why I think supporting indie creators is important.

You can find the links to Masie and more here.

Until Next Time,

Anissa “Maddy” Walker


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